The McLaughlin Group to End 34-Year Run, Following Host's Death

The McLaughlin Group is saying “bye-bye” this weekend, wrapping its more than 34-year run.

The decision comes just days after the passing of John McLaughlin, who hosted the syndicated public affairs program since its debut on Jan. 1, 1982.

“This long-running political commentary and discussion show was consistently an audience favorite,” WTTW CCO Dan Soles said Thursday in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, “and we will miss this important contribution to our political coverage. WTTW is proud to have brought the series, and Dr. McLaughlin, to the PBS system.”

McLaughlin died on Tuesday at age 89, not long after sitting out hosting his eponymous program for the first time ever. Longtime panelist Pat Buchanan stepped in as host for last weekend’s episode.

McLaughlin had moderated The McLaughlin Group, a weekly round-table discussion of political issues, since Day 1, but had actively participated in the conversation less frequently in recent months, due to health issues and a wavering voice.

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