Mistresses Sneak Peek: Joss' Gossip Bomb Isn't Explosive to April

Mistresses‘ Kate may be well on her way to the gold medal in Thuddingly Terrible Relationship Decisions in the summer TV Olympics, but her absence from the latest coffee klatch at Maison Sur Mer actually turns up the dramatic volume.

After all, with the wacky Aussie in absentia, Joss can finally reveal to BFFs April and Karen that her future sister-in-law has been hooking up with her own ex-fiancé Scott (AKA the dude Joss left at the altar so she could hook up on the beach with her ex brother-in-law).

Yikes. This article really could use a flow chart, couldn’t it?

In the wake of Joss’ confession, though, Karen’s face registers far higher decibels of OMG/WTF than April’s, forcing April to make a confession of her own, and prompting Joss to break out a second bombshell about the head-spinning triangle.

Press PLAY above for the full video preview from Season 4, Episode 9, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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