CBS After Supergirl: 'If We Heard the Right Superhero Pitch, We Would Buy It'

Supergirl CBS

CBS is not necessarily out of the superhero business, even after Supergirl‘s single-season flight on the Big 3 network ultimately led to the series moving to The CW.

“If we heard the right superhero pitch, we would absolutely buy it,” CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller said on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

Following his panel Q&A, Geller asserted that its foray into the DC Comics universe “actually worked very well,” averaging more than 10 million weekly viewers (with DVR playback). “But at the end of the day, we really looked at the situation and said, ‘How can we [and The CW] both win from this? We co-own The CW, so this was an opportunity for both CBS and Warner Bros. to really benefit from the success of the show.”

In fact, if the right deal couldn’t be arrived at to move the series to The CW, “There’s nothing to say… that we wouldn’t have taken [Supergirl] back,” Geller shared.

Like Supergirl, the Limitless Ratingssmall-screen adaptation of Limitless represented a big, fun swing for CBS… that ultimately didn’t pan out.

“We have to make determinations based on how we feel going forward. We can only pick up so many things,” he said of Limitless‘ surprising snuffing. “I really liked the show, but if it’s not connecting with the viewers, we can’t bring it back.”


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