Seth Meyers to Clinton: Ignore Trump, Prep 'Jim Halpert Look' for Debates

Seth Meyers strongly advises the Democratic party to keep quiet when it comes to Donald Trump’s recent string of outbursts and subsequent dip in the polls.

The Late Night host on Wednesday proposed that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton avoid commenting altogether on Trump’s seeming implosion, even as the latter’s Republican opponent makes a mess of his presidential campaign.

“Trump is digging his own grave,” Meyers argued. “Don’t grab the shovel. Let him keep digging until the hole is too deep to climb out of.”

Meyers then recommended a strategy for Clinton’s first debate against Trump (on Sept. 26), advising the Democratic nominee to mimic the deadpan mastered by John Krasinski during his nine-season run on The Office.

“If for some reason Trump does actually debate Hillary, she should just say ‘Hi, I’m Hillary Clinton,’ and then turn off her microphone, open a big bag of Skinny Pop and watch him slowly unravel. And then every 10 minutes during the debate she should just shoot the camera a ‘Jim Halpert look.'”

Watch Meyers’ plea to Democrats above, then weigh in on his strategy suggestions below.