Denis Leary, James Corden Dress as Clintons to Sing About 'A--hole' Trump

Denis Leary on Wednesday joined James Corden for an anti-Donald Trump variation of the “A–hole” song he first released on a comedy album back in 1993.

Dressed as Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Late Late Show duet repeatedly referred to the Republican presidential nominee as “ass[bleep],” thanks to CBS censors, while stopping to address many of his recent faux pas — from his apparent feud with the patriarch of a Gold Star family to his insistence on getting a crying baby out of one of his rallies.

Admittedly, the choice to have the duo sing this song at the DNC was peculiar given mention of more recent incidents, but all was forgiven by the time the Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll star went in for an absurdly long kiss with his scruffy “wife.”

Watch the explicit (albeit censored) performance above.