Bette Midler Gives Idina Menzel Her Blessing for Lifetime's Beaches Remake

Lifetime Beaches Remake

For the record, Bette Midler would gladly be the wind beneath Idina Menzel‘s wings.

When news first broke that Menzel would be starring in a made-for-Lifetime remake of Midler’s iconic 1988 film Beaches, the Internet — as it often does — responded with a confusing range of emotions. But one voice, arguably the most important, is rising above the noise to wish Menzel the best on her new project:

That’s right, folks, the original CC Bloom has officially endorsed Menzel as her successor. If she can accept it, we all can.

On a more heartbreaking note, Midler also recently tweeted about the passing of Beaches director Garry Marshall, who — among countless projects — also created Happy Days:

Now that Midler has given her blessing, are you willing to open your heart to Lifetime’s Beaches remake? And who would you like to see cast in Barbra Hershey’s role opposite Menzel? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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