Seth Meyers: 75 Percent of Trump's Sources Are Probably 'Twitter Eggs'

Seth Meyers is pretty sure he knows where Donald Trump is getting his “facts.”

The Late Night host on Monday attempted to make sense of the Republican’s usual “plenty of people have written/said that” spiel, pointing out that the only logical conclusion is that Trump is gathering intel from anonymous social media users.

“I feel like Trump needs to start giving us names when he says ‘a lot of people have said that,'” Meyers argued. “I bet 75 percent of them are Twitter eggs.”

Meyers’ hypothesis came as he dissected Trump’s most recent comments regarding Khizr Khan, the father of a deceased Muslim U.S. soldier who spoke out against the presidential candidate at last week’s Democratic National Convention. In doing so, the NBC host explained why Trump’s response might prove he’s never actually read the United States Constitution.

Watch Meyers’ “Closer Look” above, then weigh in below.