Gilmore Girls: Does John Oliver Think Lorelai Is 'Hot'? Watch His Response

Gilmore Girls Revival John Oliver

The good news keeps on coming for Gilmore Girls‘ Lorelai.

In the wake of the first teaser being released for Netflix’s four-part revival (arriving Nov. 25 aka Black Friday), a second celeb name-checked by Rory’s mom has responded to one of her out-loud musings.

Almost immediately after the “trailer” was released on Wednesday, Amy Schumer tweeted that she would in fact “love” to be gal pals with the fictional TV mom (played by Lauren Graham), who worried they didn’t share a fondness for water sports. Then on Wednesday night’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert, guest John Oliver addressed Lorelai’s other celeb crush, by sharing his answer to, “Do you think John Oliver would find me hot?”

Press play below for the talk show host/comedian’s response.

As reported by TVLine, the aforementioned mother/daughter convo shown in the Gilmore teaser is not actually included in the four-part revival, but was filmed especially for the promo.