Cara Delevingne Is Picture-Perfect in 3-Way Rap Battle on Late Late Show

CBS’ The Late Late Show just may have solved its “Drop the Mic” problem — in that half the jokes were about James Corden’s weight, yawn — by adding a third front to the rap battle.

On Wednesday night’s Thursday morning’s telecast, Corden traded beat-laden verbal beat-downs with not just model/actress Cara Delevingne (who has a role in the upcoming Suicide Squad), but also actor Dave Franco. That makes for a greater variety of zingers, (playfully) poking fun at Delevingne’s acting chops, Franco being Scrubs‘ cause of death and… well, yeah, Corden being a shorter, stockier James Bond.

Franco sustains an expected number of less-famous-sibling taunts. Amidst the flurry of eyebrow jokes, Delevingne gives every bit as good as she gets, closing her set with a boast about her better track record with hot women. Corden, meanwhile, unleashes the most bawdy barb, with regards to (ahem) the “only funny thing” Franco has been in.

Watch the three-way rap battle above and tell us if you agree with the choice of winner.