Bob's Burgers Cast Teases Gilmore Girls 'Crossover,' Gene's Coming Out?

Bob’s Burgers is adding a special Gilmore Girls shout-out to the Season 7 menu.

The cast of Fox’s animated comedy announced the pseudo cameo over the weekend when when they stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con studio, presented by ZTE, for their annual interview with yours truly. “[Gilmore Girls] is mentioned on the show,” series creator Loren Bouchard reveals. “Teddy’s on his back and he says, ‘How about a bedtime story?’ And Gene says… ” (Sorry, you have to watch the video above to find out what Gene says.)

Speaking of Bob and Linda’s possibly-gay middle kid, the Bob’s crew weighs in on whether this is the season the 11-year-old bursts out of the closet (spoiler: don’t hold your breath). The typically raucous Q&A also finds cast member Kristen Schaal setting the record straight about her own sexual leanings (“I kissed a girl once, but I never touched her boobs,” she confesses). Team BB also finds time to squeeze in a little Season 7 casting nugget (hint: a wildly popular late-night personality will be dropping in).

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