Grimm Video: 'Decimated' Hadrian's Wall, a New (?) Eve, Adalind's Ring Dilemma and More Season 6 Scoop

When Grimm returns for its sixth season this fall, adversaries Nick and Captain Mayor Renard will take a page from the bros at Entourage and engage in a healing, “five-minute hug,” star Sasha Roiz predicts. (Sure, and if you believe that, we’ve got a Bauerschwein we’d like to sell ya.)

The cast of the supernatural drama — David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Claire Coffee, Sasha Roiz, Russell Hornsby, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner and Silas Weir Mitchell — stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con studio, presented by ZTE, to dish about what to expect in Season 6.

In addition to the joked-about “longest hug on TV” — per Mitchell — our conversation about the NBC series’ upcoming season touched upon several important (and a few silly) topics, including:

* Giuntoli’s upcoming directorial debut

* Exactly whose feelings are surfacing in Eve in the aftermath of being magic stick’d

* What Giuntoli envisions for Monroe and Rosalee’s first child, er, children

* One theory about why Coffee feels a kinship with her on-screen daughter

* The possibility of Hank finding a love who won’t try to physically harm him

* NeanderWu… and the chance of finding other neanderthals in Portland

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