Gilmore Girls' Amy Sherman-Palladino Declares, 'We Accomplished What We Set Out to Do' With Netflix Revival

Amy Sherman-Palladino had more to say.

Immediately following Wednesday’s Gilmore Girls panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, I briefly chatted up AS-P.

Our quick conversation covered both the technical side of delivering the revival to Netflix and the emotional component of revisiting characters who remain so close to her heart. (“I’m still crying!” she said.) And of course, I couldn’t let her go without trying to get an answer to the question some of you have been wondering about since the Netflix pick-up: What are the chances we’ll hear Lorelai drop an f-bomb or two? Read on for AS-P’s answers.

TVLINE | Where are you in the editing process?
We just finished mixing the first pass of “Winter.” Everything is edited. We’re mixing, we’re putting our music in, we’re putting our sound effects in, we’re getting our picture pretty, doing all that.

TVLINE | Was there anything that got you particularly tickled or emotional while watching it back?
I’ve been crying since Day 1. Lauren [Graham] and I, we couldn’t look at each other after a while, because literally on set, we’d just be like, “Hi. How are you” and [makes crying noise]. I’m still crying. Maybe it’s menopause. I have no idea, but of course I’m crying constantly. I am very pleased with all four of [the episodes]. I feel like we accomplished what we set out to do, which is something I almost never say. Now, do I still feel like there’s two or three minutes of pull-ups that I didn’t take the frames out? Yes, and I tried to get my post lady to open it back up for me again, and she’s like, “Nooo!” because we have delivery dates. But I think they’re really what we set out to do.

TVLINE | Where did you land on cursing?
Gonna have to tune in to find out. The thing about Gilmore is, we were never — and part of it was because of The WB, but also part of it was this is not Narcos. It’s not a story where it’s like, “Emily, f—k you! F—k you, Richard!” I mean, that’s what I would like. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A really dirty version of Gilmore Girls. Nothing but profanity and nudity and drug fights. But it’s a show that has its own vocabulary and its own voice now. So we had to honor that, and yet make it feel fresh and different.