Stephen Colbert Attempts to Rush DNC Podium in 'Hungry for Power Games'

Stephen Colbert on Monday brought Julius Flickerman to the Democratic National Convention as part of his latest “Hungry for Power Games.”

The new installment of the popular Late Show segment found the CBS funnyman in character as he tried (and failed) to get to the convention podium. An assist from House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proved ineffective, but Flickerman eventually ran past security before getting stopped just inches from center stage.

Prior to his attempt to get past the guards, Flickerman toured the halls at the Wells Fargo Center — home of the 2016 DNC — where he made a pitstop at a concession stand (“You’ll never find Bernie Sanders here!”) and tested the acoustics of the convention floor to ensure it was ready for Hillary Clinton’s most vocal naysayers.

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