Video: Yvette Nicole Brown Reacts to Rihanna's Bates Motel Casting, Shares Heartfelt Garry Marshall Remembrance

Anyone who follows Yvette Nicole Brown on social media knows that the recent death of Garry Marshall hit the Odd Couple actress hard. Well, during a Q&A with me at TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE over the weekend, the Community vet — fighting back tears — explained in heartbreaking detail why the beloved TV/film vet’s passing left her so shattered.

“[He] was with us at every table read [and] at every taping,” she told me of Marshall, who developed the original Odd Couple and served as a producer on CBS’ reboot. “If we did a joke and it didn’t land, Garry was in the huddle [suggesting alternate] jokes. He was an amazing man, who was super-famous and super-successful but he never stopped being loved… Garry Marshall was love.”

My interview with the self-professed TV junkie also touched on far more trivial topics, like Rihanna’s recent casting as Marion Crane on Bates Motel (a piece of news I sprung on her live on camera) and the identity of Negan’s victim on The Walking Dead.