Outcast: Comic-Con Trailer Promises Epic Kyle/Sidney Fight to End Season 1

Outcast may have saved its best for last.

The trailer that Cinemax’s demonic-possession drama released Sunday at San Diego Comic-Con to promote the tail end of Season 1 is so jam-packed with violent and disorienting visuals that, if your eyes were unprepared for the madness, it could’ve made your head spin (around and around and… ).

But what may be most intriguing about the clip is that it teases the showdown to which we’ve been building for seven episodes now — the epic battle between Patrick Fugit’s accidental exorcist Kyle and his devilish tormentor, Brent Spiner’s Sidney. When the latter insists that it’s too late to fight, our hero boldly replies that he “ain’t seen a fight yet.” And really, it only gets crazier from there.

Press PLAY on the video above to check it out, then hit the comments. Didn’t the show get a hundred times cooler when Grace Zabriskie’s part grew? (R.I.P., Mildred.)

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