Once Upon a Time @ Comic-Con: Cast Talks Regina vs. Evil Queen, Emma's Potential Wedding Dress and More

Once Upon A Time Season 6

Once Upon a Time‘s upcoming sixth season may be full of “untold stories,” but the cast and creators had plenty to tell during the ABC drama’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday.

Stars Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, Emilie de Ravin, Rebecca Mader and Jared Gilmore, along with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, were on hand to spill secrets from Season 6, premiering Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c. Here’s what went down:

* Why exactly does Belle continue to stick by Rumple’s side after everything he’s put her through? According to de Ravin, Belle is “acknowledging and realizing that part of that pull is him being kind of a bad guy. She likes that. Deep down, she sees the good in him … but that darkness, she likes that. She’s struggling with that quite a bit.”

* Despite losing her inner Evil Queen, Parrilla wants fans to know that “Regina’s still sassy. She’s not going to lose her sass. The question I asked the guys is, ‘Is she just this pure, light being?’ And they said, ‘No, not really. She’s still sassy. That’s Regina.’ But the Evil Queen is slightly different than she used to be, I think. She’s now without a conscience, so she’s pure evil — and a lot of fun. Regina is desperate to really be this hero and be happy internally … and that’s really what she wants for herself. It’s going to be an interesting journey this year to see how the Evil Queen and Regina co-exist.”

* In response to fans freaking out over the apparent wedding dress in the background of Hook and Emma’s final Season 5 scene together, O’ Donoghue clarified, “It’s always been [on the set]. It wasn’t specifically put there. I don’t think it’s a wedding dress.” Adds Kitsis, “If it was Emma’s wedding dress, it would be red and leather.”

* Hook’s revival was a “one-time-only Zeus interference,” Kitsis confirmed, at which point O’Donoghue interjected, “He could have given me back my hand!”

* On Emma and Regina’s ever-evolving friendship: “These women have grown so much over the years,” Parrilla said. “They’ve become best friends. It’s such an admirable relationship. … They’re working together, and I think Emma has really helped Regina get to this new place in her life. I can see them continuing down that path.”

* Emma and Hook are “trying to figure out how to navigate being together in the world now,” O’Donoghue said. “At the minute, he’s the same Hook, but I think we might find out a few things about his past.” Horowitz then confirmed, “There’s more of Hook’s past that we delve into, and some surprising secrets that have been harbored.”

* “The one thing she wanted most was Snow White’s heart, and that will not stop,” Kitsis teased. Added Horowitz, we’re going to be exploring Snow and Regina’s past, present and future together in Season 6.

* Lastly, the first three minutes of the season premiere were screened, revealing the arrivals of Aladdin and Jafar.

Your thoughts on the cast’s Season 6 teases? General hopes for the future? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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