The Exorcist Comic-Con Trailer Makes Terrifying Child's Play of Possession

Exorcist Comic-Con Trailer

“Demons aren’t real, they are metaphors,” Alfonso Herrera’s Father Tomas swears to Geena Davis’ worried mom of a possessed girl in the Comic-Con trailer for Fox’s series version of The Exorcist. But if he saw the same clip that we did, he might change his tune.

In short order, we’re shown a gnarly-looking boy with super strength, a young lady with moves that could get her cast on The Walking Dead and, oddly creepiest of all, an attic ladder that there’s no way in hell I would ever climb.

Press PLAY below and check out the video for yourself — if you dare. Then hit the comments. Will you be checking out the show when it debuts Sept. 23 (9/8c)?