Republican Convention, Night 2: The 13 Best/Worst/Wackiest Moments

New Jersey governor Chris Christie going into attack mode. Soap legend Evil Nurse Sheila seeing green. Potential first daughter Tiffany Trump showing her nerves — and her authenticity.

Those were just a few of the more memorable moments from Night Two of the 2016 Republican National Convention, a three hour celebration of Hillary Clinton-bashing, Paul Ryan awkwardness and (as The Donald might say) “just so many other things.”

We watched every second of it to bring you the 13 best, worst and wackiest moments — from one nationally recognized politician’s misuse of the word “trivia” to a cross-promotional failure that’d make Mr. Trump yell “you’re fired!” (That is, if he hadn’t been replaced as host of Celebrity Apprentice.)

Check out the gallery below for our full rundown — or click here for direct access — then go to the comments and share your thoughts on Tuesday night’s RNC proceedings!