Containment Boss Previews Series Finale Battle, Promises 'Good Closure'

Containment Spoilers

Though Containment is coming to an end, the cancelled CW drama still has some fight left in it. Or at least its headstrong, virus-afflicted characters do.

Tuesday’s unintentional series finale (airing at 9/8c) — the episode was filmed in December, five months before the axe came down — is “the culmination of the conflict between Lex and Lommers,” executive producer Julie Plec previews. “[It’s about] her role in the conspiracy, his feelings about it, and their disparate notions about how far they need to go to protect the people inside the cordon.”

While Lommers is “going to great lengths to prevent anybody from escaping” the quarantined area, “Jana, Suzy, Quentin, Teresa and Xander are very intent on getting out,” the EP continues. “So there’s going to be something that has to give, or people are going to end up killed.”

As “the outside and inside stories collide,” Plec says the final hour will provide as much wrap-up “as a show that wasn’t expecting to end this way can. It, thankfully, has a very emotional ending that brings a lot of the stories to a place where they were going to live for quite some time if the series were to move forward.

“It doesn’t feel like you’re robbed of an experience,” she adds. “It just feels like it would be nice if you could stick around and watch these people live their lives a while longer.” Despite a few untied-up plot threads, there is “good closure, and it should be a fairly satisfying viewing experience.”

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