Seth Meyers Targets Pokémon GO in Latest 'Teen Slang' Tutorial

Seth Meyers on Tuesday debuted his latest primer on teen slang, featuring both real and not-so-real terminology linked to the upcoming Rio Olympics and the current Pokémon GO craze.

The Late Night host also attempted to educate the lingo-challenged by offering an explanation on “Curb” (which involves a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good Larry David impression) and “Reekachu” (which stems from a personal hygiene problem for those obsessed with a certain augmented reality gaming app). Additionally, Meyers stumbled upon another use for the term “Brexit” which has little to do with Britain or its exit from the European Union.

Watch the segment above, then head to the comments and let us know if you’re guilty of thinking any of this teen slang is what the kids would call “on fleek.”