Pretty Little Liars Video: Will Hanna Fall to Pieces After [Spoiler]'s Death?

Hanna’s having a difficult time moving past last week’s fatal encounter — and not just because she’s still pulling pieces of the night out of her hair.

Picking up immediately after the events of Elliott’s hit-and-run fiasco, Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars (Freeform, 8/7c) finds each of the girls attempting to cope with the horrific event.

And here’s my biggest burning question: Are the Liars going to give Elliott a proper burial? You know, besides the one they’re giving him this week in the woods? Because it’s been way too long since we’ve gotten to enjoy the girls’ iconic, flawless — and always appropriate — funeral attire.

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment below: How do you hope Elliott’s death works itself out?