FBI 'Seacrested' the Reveal of Clinton Email Findings, Says Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah was not above mocking the FBI on Tuesday, lampooning bureau director James Comey for his delivery of the Hillary Clinton email findings.

The Daily Show host roasted the the FBI’s press conference, insinuating that Comey “Seacrested” the entire announcement — a 15-minute statement that culminated in his conclusion that the Democratic presidential nominee should not be indicted despite what Noah referred to as “a laundry list of shady sh—t.”

“As if we all weren’t already anxious enough about it, Comey had to build the suspense up,” he said. “This is not [AmericanIdol. Just tell us what Hillary and the State Dept. did.”

Noah also took a moment to put into perspective the current election cycle, which finds a candidate who barely avoided “giving fancy speeches from Cell Block D” emerging as the rational one.

“The good news is that one of your presidential candidates… will not be going to jail at this time. Not being indicted should never, ever be your good news.”

Press PLAY on the video below to watch Noah dissect the latest Clinton campaign controversies, then weigh in with a comment.