Maya & Marty: Best and Worst Sketches With Amy Poehler, Will Forte, Seinfeld

Maya & Marty on Tuesday was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good just OK.

The penultimate hour of the Peacock’s variety experiment featured Jerry Seinfeld’s sit-down with Jiminy Glick and Martin Short doing his (best?) Larry David impersonation. (Fun fact: This evening marks the 27th anniversary of Seinfeld, so it was quite fitting that the comedian put in an appearance on his former network.)

Episode 5 also welcomed Maya Rudolph’s fellow Saturday Night Live grads Amy PoehlerWill Forte and Ana Gasteyer in a series of subpar sketches involving steroid-addicted teen olympians, self-loving scientists and a puppeteer with seven broken fingers. Academy Award winner Kevin Kline was also on hand to demonstrate why certain children’s books should not be adapted for film.

Lo and behold, our picks for best and worst sketches:

Before getting to the bottom of Glick’s sick, tortured psyche (which may have something to do with the conspiracies he keeps to himself regarding the death of Princess Diana), the egg-shaped interviewer insulted Seinfeld by referring to him as being “from the ’90s” and asking if he ever wanted to do a show as funny as Veep. His feelings about the comedian were best summed up when he told him that his success was “unfair to the talented.”

We were hoping for “Bronx Beat,” but instead we got this sketch about a pair of 14-year-old athletes who were obviously doped up on steroids. While the joke grew thin, we remained mildly amused as Poehler and Rudolph continued to deny taking performance-enhancing drugs while breaking everything in sight, from gym lockers to pommel horses.


Seinfeld’s long-running Internet chat show has featured a parade of A-listers, from recent Tony nominee Steve Martin to the late Gary Shandling. (President Obama even put in an appearance last year.) This overlong parody offered viewers glimpses of guests who didn’t make the cut, such as Khloe Kardashian (Rudolph), Neil deGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson) and a pregnant lady from behind the pizza place (Poehler). The highlight came in the form of Larry David (Short), who was putting in a second appearance on the web series but still didn’t quite understand its purpose.

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Much like the pointless Independence Day sequel, this sophomoric sketch was beyond mind-numbing. Granted, a sketch about defecation was never going to redefine comedy, but there was nothing particularly funny about Kline’s delivery of lines like “I have to go pee-pee now,” or Gasteyer as the wife and mother whose family was falling apart following her discovery that, well, you know.

Was this Maya & Marty‘s most disappointing hour yet, especially given the A+ guest roster? Grade the episode below, then sound off in the comments.