American Horror Story Season 6: Six Nightmarish Potential Premises

AHS Season 6 Premises

Although Season 6 of American Horror Story won’t even premiere until fall, it’s already keeping us up nights.

Specifically, we’re losing sleep over the FX anthology series’ next premise. (Wondering what it will be is killing us as surely as would checking into the Hotel Cortez!) So far, executive producer Ryan Murphy has said only that the two ideas he was considering for the show’s sixth go-round both involved “elements of children.

“If you look at horror tropes,” he added, “the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world, is always very dramatic and satisfying.”

Other than that, all we know is that former cast members Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson and Angela Bassett will be returning. And, per FX boss John Landgraf, the season will be “set in the present” but with “echoes of the past.” (AHS does love a good flashback, after all!)

Bearing all that in mind, we’ve come up with six potential scenarios for the upcoming season that, if we ever manage to sleep again, are sure to give us nightmares! Scroll through the gallery below to review our ideas, then hit the comments with your favorite one — or your own better premise.