Deadliest Catch Sneak Peek: Crab Pot Takes a Swing at Jake Anderson's Crew

As if the fire that broke out aboard Sig Hansen‘s Northwestern in the June 21st episode of Deadliest Catch hadn’t sufficiently reminded us why “deadly” is front and center in the Discovery series’ title, this week’s installment dishes out a potential catastrophe that’s arguably even scarier to behold.

As you’ll see in this exclusive sneak-preview clip, Jake Anderson thinks that his biggest worry is meeting his deadline to offload crab at the about-to-close processing plant — until suddenly, the Saga’s hydros start acting up. Before the captain knows what hit ’em — or, rather, what might — he has an 800-lb. crab pot swinging at the heads of his crew on deck!

“Watch out!” the skipper yells. Because, really, WTH else can you say in a situation like that? Duck? Anyway, the episode premieres on Tuesday evening at 9/8c after the captains rate and debate the season to date on Deadliest Catch: The Bait (8/7c).

Click on the video above to check it out, then hit the comments. If you had been in that sitch even once, would you have put an end to your crab-fishing career?