Pretty Little Liars: Who Is A.D.? We Examine 6 Potential Suspects

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

We’re two weeks into Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh season and, let’s be honest, we’re no closer to knowing A.D.’s identity than we were three months ago when that familiar-looking lunatic first arrived on the scene.

Then again, brainstorming theories with little to no facts is kind of what PLL is all about, isn’t it? To that end, I rounded up six individuals — including a few who aren’t currently “with us” — currently topping my list of potential A.D.s.

The list ranges from obvious choices like Mary Drake, whose devious tea-sipping gives me Victoria Grayson flashbacks, to slightly more out-of-the-box options like Alison, who literally shares initials with the new villain. And then, you know, there’s Lucas.

Browse our gallery of A.D. suspects below, then vote for your pick and drop a comment with your reasoning. Plus, tell us: Any biggies we missed?