Jessica Williams Exits The Daily Show

Jessica Williams Leaving

Enjoy Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams while you still can, America — Thursday’s episode will be her last.

EW.com reports that Williams, the youngest correspondent in Daily Show history, is leaving the Comedy Central series after four years to pursue her own project at the network. Though Williams can’t say much about her new show, she reveals that it will be about a young feminist who “imagines herself to be ‘woke.'” (Please note Williams’ own use of quotation marks.)

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“I’ve been telling my coworkers that I’m leaving the show — it’s so bittersweet,” Williams tells the site. “I’ve just been going in and out of crying a little bit, giving a lot of hugs, all that stuff.”

Williams adds that her final field piece, airing Thursday, will focus on a group of former Bernie Sanders supporters who are now supporting Donald Trump. She promises it’s going to be “really funny,” and will provide a “nice farewell.”

Your thoughts on Williams’ exit? The current state of The Daily Show in general? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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