Game of Thrones: Which Characters Are Likely to Die in Season 7?

Game of Thrones Season 7 Who Will Die

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die… or you die a little later than everyone else does. But bottom line: You’re gonna die. 

With that grim reality in mind — and coming off Sunday’s Season 6 finale, which saw the end of Margaery, Loras, Lancel, the High Sparrow, Gran Maester Pycelle, Tommen, various Freys and a sept-and-then-some full of King’s Landing residents — we’ve decided to get a jump on the death pool for the upcoming Season 7.

Thinking about who won’t live to see Season 8 in Westeros is a tricky thing. Sure, now that Arya’s back on her mission to cross off everyone on her kill list, characters like The Hound and Cersei Lannister better watch their backs.

But haven’t the toughest-to-bear deaths on the HBO series always been the ones we weren’t expecting? For this reason, we’ve included a few fan-favorite characters in the mix (but we seriously hope we’re not giving Thrones‘ Grim Reaper — or G.R.R.M. Reaper, as it were — any ideas.)

Click through the gallery below to see our thoughts on who might be likely to bite it in Season 7, then hit the comments with your fears/hopes/predictions about who’ll die next!

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