David Tennant Reads NSFW Scottish Tweets About Trump's Brexit Gaffe

If you thought you had already seen the brunt of Donald Trump putdowns following his recent “Brexit”-related flub, just wait until you see David Tennant (Marvel’s Jessica Jones) read aloud a series of mean tweets with brogue-filled gusto.

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee on Monday called on the Scottish thespian to address the presidential candidate’s recent social media post insinuating that Scotland — not England — had voted to leave the European Union. That faux pas was reinforced when Trump gave a speech on June 24, just hours after England voted to leave the EU, congratulating the people of Scotland on their decision to “take their country back.” The onetime Doctor Who star took great pleasure reading countless, often cleverly obscene digs at the presumptive Republican nominee for his undisputed ignorance on the historic vote.

Watch Tennant address the “ludicrous tangerine ballbag” above, then sound off in the comments.