The Last Ship Recap: Vampirate

The Last Ship Season 3

This week on TNT’s The Last Ship, CNO Chandler “reclaimed” command of the Nathan James and set out to find its missing crew members, while Slattery & Co. got acclimated to their new digs — and their new bloodsucking host.

Back on the Nathan James after dodging multiple attempts on his life, Chandler made the decision to appoint Granderson his XO versus Burk, given how the latter questioned his own call to pursue the bogey last week, leaving the ship unable to defend the guys returning on the raft. That in turn forced Chandler and Wolf in the helo to fire at the baddies, possibly dooming any prisoners who might have been on board.

In another unpopular decision — one questioned by POTUS — Chandler insisted on joining Wolf, Green and Sasha on the ground in Vietnam, hoping to get a lead on their missing friends. Meeting with one of Sasha’s connections, Chandler trades his “Top Gun” timepiece for intel. Searching for a “Kinji” in the marketplace, they happen upon a man who’s wearing Slattery’s uniform shirt. Their accosting of the guy draws the attention of the MSS, and a chase ensues, during which Wolf engages in a pretty nifty, extended bit of daylight, non-shadowy close combat. At the rally point, they are met by a barrage of fire from MSS agents — but luckily Jesse arrives just in time with her helo and a gunner, having been convinced by Granderson, among others, to not selflessly flee but stick around to help.

During that skirmish, the man who’d had Slattery’s shirt told Chandler that he could not risk being found out by “Takehaya,” so he set himself up to be shot to death by the MSS. Back on the ship, Sasha explained that Takehaya is a name adopted by a mythic pirate responsible for legendary amounts of plundering. He is also…

…the man now tormenting Slattery and the others at a jungle compound, where the CO was the first dragged away for a blood-letting… that went straight into Takehaya’s veins. After a woozy Slattery was returned to the hut, the captives were brought to a feast — of iron-rich foods designed to “fatten them” for further letting. Later, Miller and Ray got the idea to sneak out via the “toilet” and run as fast as they can, on a scouting run. They expectedly are captured/beaten, but not before they made note of distances to water/coves and, perhaps more importantly, an operational radio tower….

What did you think of the episode “Shanzhai”?

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