Preacher Sneak Peek: Angels Fiore and DeBlanc Are in a Helluva Lot of Trouble!

Apparently, angels aren’t allowed to just let it go to voicemail.

In this exclusive clip from “South Will Rise Again,” Sunday’s episode of Preacher (AMC, 9/8c), Fiore and DeBlanc know that they have to take heaven’s phone call. The question is, how do they break it to “them” that there’s been “a slight massive security breach” — one that has resulted in Annville’s reverend Jesse being “blessed” with the superpower of persuasion?

Step No. 1, the duo seem to have decided, is let Fiore do the talking. He’s known up above as “the sweet one,” DeBlanc reminds him. And step No. 2 — and this is crucial — is hide in their motel bathroom until Fiore has figured out exactly what he’s going to say.

What could possibly go wrong, right? In other developments this week, “after his stunt with Quincannon, Jesse is Annville’s newest rock star,” the show’s official logline tells us. Plus, “Tulip and Cassidy connect, and The Cowboy makes a tragic decision.”

Press PLAY above to watch Fiore and DeBlanc brainstorm, then hit the comments. Are you digging the idea of a Tulip/Cassidy pairing?

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