Chicago President: Seth Meyers Casts Rosie (as ISIS), Cosby Opposite Trump

Seth Meyers has already offered Donald Trump his very own Chicago Fire spinoff should he choose to drop out of the presidential election. Now the Late Night host is serving up a fewincendiary casting suggestions.

Meyers on Wednesday announced a “bigly talented” cast for Chicago President — a show NBC has not in any way commissioned — and it included a former Transformers star to serve as (temporary) First Lady, an A-list Fugitive to play Hillary Clinton and infamous Trump frenemy Rosie O’Donnell to portray all of ISIS. While the audience is mostly on board with Meyers’ picks up until that point, an influx of groans can be heard when he makes his final suggestion for who should play outgoing president Barack Obama.

Watch the segment above, then head to the comments and let us know who you’d cast in this fictitious Chicago off-shoot.