Bones Recap: The Killer in the Lab?

Bones Recap

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If you squint while watching Thursday’s Bones, one of the Jeffersonian’s own might look like a murderer.

When the remains of missing explorer Henry Charles are found, the team learns that Clark was an intern on the billionaire’s last expedition. As such, Brennan orders him to step away from the bones; he is now a suspect.

While everyone thinks their colleague is innocent, they can’t deny it’s strange that he never mentioned the infamous trek before. Then they discover that Clark hit Charles. As suspicions start to grow, Clark breaks his silence and reveals that he caught Charles in a tent with Hazel, a professor with whom the squint was having a secret relationship. He punched Charles before storming off to cool down, leaving him with no alibi.

“Hazel meant everything to me,” he explains. “I did a lot of stupid things for Hazel,” like agreeing not to log her mistakes and compromising their data.

Clark begs Brennan to prove his innocence, but the only thing she can do is reexamine the evidence. Thankfully, the Jeffersonian team finds something – in the bones of the  group Charles & Co. were studying. It turns out the Frank party were not cannibals, and the evidence of such activity was falsified by a scientist on the trip, Lex Luthor Dr. Marcus Eldridge (guest star John Shea, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman). But when Charles threatened to expose the forgery, it was Hazel who offed him. If her academic adviser was discredited, then she could kiss her career goodbye. (Clark sure knows how to pick ’em, doesn’t he?)

Some good does come out of the ordeal: Brennan writes an article in defense of Clark’s mistakes, which makes him so happy, he bear-hugs her — and she totally embraces him back.

Elsewhere, Cam’s sister Felicia arrives in town to help plan her wedding to Arastoo. Seeing as the siblings have some troubled history — Felicia kissed Booth shortly after he dated her sis — Cam is understandably nervous about the visit. Things start off smoothly as Felicia hands Cam a quick and easy checklist that will allow her to get everything done in one day, so she can get back to work. Except Cam doesn’t like the sensibility of it, especially not in the work-like dress Felicia has picked out. Instead, Cam secretly tries on a puffy princess gown, and it is… Let’s just say I would not be saying yes to the dress. At Angela and Hodgins’ urging, she finally confesses to Felicia that she wants the “little girl’s fantasy” wedding, complete with a champagne toast, bridesmaids, personalized candy bar and, hopefully, a different princess dress.

Bones fans, what did you think of “The Stiff in the Cliff”? Did you catch Perd Hapley’s cameo?

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