Anna Kendrick and James Corden Cover Adele, Cher During 'Love Story' Musical

Anna Kendrick and James Corden couldn’t disappoint us even if they tried.

The Pitch Perfect star joined the equally virtuosic Late Late Show host on Wednesday for “Soundtrack to a Love Story,” a four-minute musical that charted a fictitious romance between the melodic duo from meet-cute to “I do’s.”

While hits by The Weeknd, Boyz II Men and Bruno Mars perfectly scored the twosome’s happiest days, they eventually turned to the powerful lyricism of Adele (aka the queen of heartbreak songs) to express their feelings amid a crumbling marriage. Along the way, Kendrick and Corden also sampled songs by Cher, Whitney Houston and Elton John.

Watch Kendrick and Corden’s whirlwind romance play out above, then drop a note in the comments with your song suggestions for the inevitable “Love Story” follow-up during November Sweeps.