Vinyl Cancelled

Vinyl Cancelled at HBO, Reversing Earlier Renewal Decision

HBO has done an about-face on Vinyl, cancelling the low-rated rock-and-roll drama just months after it was renewed.

“After careful consideration, we have decided not to proceed with a second season of Vinyl,” HBO said in a statement. “Obviously, this was not an easy decision. We have enormous respect for the creative team and cast for their hard work and passion on this project.”

The move comes after HBO announced in April that series creator Terence Winter would not be returning in Season 2. He was slated to be replaced by new showrunner Scott Z. Burns.

Despite the series notching just 764,000 viewers in its February premiere, HBO renewed Vinyl for a second season days after its launch. The series centered on Bobby Cannavale’s Richie Finestra, a 1970s New York music exec trying to make a career out of the city’s diverse music scene.

In addition to being his third collaboration with HBO, Vinyl marked Winter’s third team-up with executive producer Martin Scorsese. The two previously worked together on Boardwalk Empire and the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Thoughts? Is this for the best considering Winter’s exit? Or were you excited to see what the show looked like under Burns? Weigh in below.

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  1. Brian says:


  2. Et al. says:

    Condolences to the show’s fan.

  3. Jim says:

    Show just wasn’t good. Should have been. On paper it’s all there, everything you’d need or want plus a great cast, but on screen it just never came alive. Ah well. Happens.

    • John says:

      Agreed -the show was brimming with potential, but just couldn’t get it together. If the entire season was more like episode 10, it would be still up and running. It was too much of a whimsy Finestra self-destructing, paranoid coke binge -without any sort of honeymoon beforehand. Terry Winter/Scorsese seldom disappoint -this being the exception

  4. Mark says:

    So, the renewal wasn’t real? This was bound to happen at some point, when networks use early renewals as press releases to drum up interest in shows that didn’t deserve early renewals.

  5. jane cockburn says:

    livy wilde cant catch a break

  6. Rachel Maurer says:

    wow — a show with such promise never delivered. Can someone make the show we wanted to see please? I’m moving on to Roadies and hoping it can last …

    • lechatnoir says:

      This show was really pretty to look at.i think it was okay but I really thought it’d a huge hit. This is a 70s show would have benefited from an African American b story.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Seriously, that stinks……

  8. Joey says:

    Vinyl was Terrence Winter’s third team up with Scorcese. Their first project was Boardwalk Empire followed by Wolf of Wall Street and then Vinyl. Bummed about the cancellation though…

  9. TJ says:

    watching that show as like pulling teeth…. I kept hoping it would get better. I’m not sure we even finished it since our DVR died. I had hoped for so much more considering everyone involved.

  10. Cranky says:

    Well, that sucks balls.

  11. Steven says:

    So much promise. I could barely make it through the pilot. Networks really need to think things through before making a renewal decision. It just makes you look bad to go bad on your word.

  12. PatriciaLee says:

    The end scene of them pushing the door open and stumbling from darkness into the sunlight, in a sun washed out visual, was a masterpiece. It made a brilliant series ending, imho, with the little scene work, afterwards, segueing into a finale. Everyone should see that last episode, if they have seen any previous episodes, even the first one. I watched 3 episodes when I bailed due to the redundant f word script, then caught this last one to check it out, again. I’m glad I did.

  13. BrianR says:

    Crap, no more naked Olivia Wilde.

  14. Traciwallacexo says:

    70’s guitar rock show in 2016 only appeals to a very old segment. The pilot directed by Scorcese was good and funny. Also was almost $40 million. The rest of the season was pretty bland, unless you’re into watching guys do coke at every opportunity.

  15. Walkie says:

    Good move. Bobby C reached new levels of hamming it up in that series.

  16. Karyn Mucklow says:

    Man, if I was on that show and HBO told me I still had a job, so I turned down all pilot season offers, then I was fired long after the pilots are shot, I would be pissed.

    Keep it up HBO, and you’ll never have lunch in this town again.

    • tvlover44 says:

      i had the exact same thought when i saw this news. i wonder if the actors are just now finding out or whether they told them any sooner? either way, gotta be a pain for them and no doubt has cost some of them other opportunities.

  17. Molly Harper says:

    What killed this show for me was the technical production. The sound and lighting were horrible, which is unacceptable on a show about music. Also the hair and makeup for Bobby Cannavale made him look so awful I didn’t recognize him. Why take a beautiful man and ugly him up to the point it is hard to look at him. I tried to watch. I wanted it to success. But I never made it past the second episode.

  18. cc says:

    It was not worth that early renewal it got in the first place.

  19. Arlene says:

    Thank you.

  20. Jared says:

    I think HBO should have stuck with the original idea to make Vinyl a movie for the network instead of redeveloping it into a series. I was surprised it even got a S2 order to begin with.

  21. HAP says:

    An expensive show that did not live up to its hype. I was surprised when HBO announced a 2nd season. But cooler heads have prevailed.

  22. Kevin In CT says:

    Damm! I’m gonna miss Julie, the A&R guy’s funny comments and dialogue!

    “Where did you find these guys, effing Sherwood Forest?”

  23. David4 says:

    They seem to do this a lot as a network. I find it really annoying. Just don’t renew poorly reviewed shows! Shouldn’t be that difficult to figure this out.

  24. Bobby says:

    I think it’s pretty shotty to cancel the Vynil show. It was getting really interesting. In fact I didn’t like Bobby Cavanalle as an actor, not saying he cant act cause he is great, but I disliked his character in Boardwalk Empire so much as a person that is all I seen until when watching anything with him in it until Vynil. He is the freaking man in this show and I really enjoy him as an actor now. Just give it one more season, 10 episodes, then you’ll know for sure. Go Ritchie and the Nasty Bits.

  25. Geo says:

    I didn’t watch this show, but HBO needs to knock it the heck off with the “announce a show’s renewed and then later change their minds” stuff. This is the second time they’ve done this recently, which is just plain really bad treatment of your viewers.

  26. Cheryl says:

    Okay, is anyone going to say anything about the freakin music in the show????? Too much fun…..and some great music as well. The story line was just taking off too. Twisted in the 60s/70s kinda way. Carnavale was a puke in Boardwalk Empire….but an amazing puke. When Vinyl started I hated him again, until a few episodes in…then you had to respect the bastard that he was. I like to think he was going to turn around….oh yea, and what about Awesome Ray Ramano….ya know it wasn’t the best ever show on tv but hell a lot better than most. I’ll miss the crew……

  27. Hellas13 says:


  28. Adam says:

    Mother F***! I just finished binging it and was already jones’n for more.

  29. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband says, “Shocker? They did the same thing with Castle, and it was a lot more popular than that.”

  30. Not surprised, and don’t care! I tried to get into it, but just couldn’t!

  31. cate eldrige says:

    booooooooooooooooooooooooo THATS JUST WRONG… now we can never find out what happened??? really stinks…..

  32. LYNNE says:

    So bummed! I thought it was well done, great acting and the time was recreated perfectly. Too bad :-(

  33. ZinQ says:

    Not surprised, watched two episodes then sort of lost interest.

  34. Linda says:

    Was looking forward to Season 2..especially Bobby C and Ray R…they were so good together…Really disappointed. No more HBO for me

  35. Linda says:

    Was looking forward to Season 2..especially Bobby C and Ray R…they were so good together… No more HBO for me

  36. TMS says:

    I am bummed. Exceptional cast of characters, great story lines in development (in particular, the relationships between Kip, Jamie and Alex; Devon and Richie and the Mother-Daughter dynamic with Jamie and Mrs. Fineman). Max Casella was absolutely hilarious and I found myself wanting more than an hour of Vinyl after every episode. Guess I’ll have to settle for the First Season DVD…sad.

    • molly says:


  37. Dax says:

    Oh no! We were all looking forward to seeing what the new showrunner would have done. I’m still hoping you’ll change your minds although power struggles are the worst. But really, after 20 years of walking around with a project? Give the story a chance to develop.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I, just, can’t figure where HBO’s head is at. Granted, the husband knows everything about rock and he was turned off by the show, but this is Jagger’s insight…Mick Jagger and rock/roll…HBO’s just gone and lost it. It needs a natural development. They are nuts not to have continued with it, since they had Jagger on board.

  38. Carol Ionta says:

    Really disappointed. Loved this show.

  39. Diane says:

    Very disappointing….loved the show and looked forward to each episode. 😔 HBO should have given the show a chance

  40. Damnit.. great show with a fantastic soundtrack. What’s next? Another sparkling vampire show?

  41. Aaron says:

    This sucks! I really got into this show and was looking forward to the next season……what a shame, this had the potential to be great.

  42. Cj says:

    Too bad! I was looking forward to the 2nd season.

  43. Tchoukie McCoy says:

    Bring it back now! It’s one of the best things you’ve done in a long time. Yes, it’s tough, yes, it’s cruel, yes, it’s like a boulder’s falling on your head. But, it’s there and it’s the truth. Are we now afraid of the truth?

  44. Nancy M Ortiz-Beard says:

    Nooooo! Say it isnt so! Vinyl was so good and for us baby boomers that grew up with these groups, vinyl, 70 ‘s , disco n in some cases drugs it was on point!
    The cast was so much like the day including the people portraying certain groups! Yeah to Bobby C, Mick Jagger’ s son n ALL! Bring it back!

  45. Vinyl Fan says:

    I am not happy with HBO right now. I loved Vinyl.

  46. Celeste Aceves says:

    My husband and I really liked Vinyl. Sad it won’t be returning. This was so different and had us captured in every episode. It’s very disappointing!!! Im actually angry about it.

  47. Trish says:

    Want to see MORE VINYL!!!

  48. Lori D says:

    Very, very sad. Finally a series that my husband and I enjoyed watching together.