Game of Thrones: Mad Queen Cersei? Baby Bolton? Jon's Twin? A Pre-Finale Check-In on Popular Plot Theories

Game of Thrones Season 6 Theories

Is Game of Thrones‘ Cersei getting ready to “Burn them all!”?

That depends on who you ask, how much time you spend on fan sites and how much you like to second-guess the HBO fantasy series.

We’ve resisted jumping into the “Ooh, this maybe-sorta-could-possibly happen!” pool all season, but as the finale draws near (and we continue to try to catch our breath after the Battle of the Bastards), we figured it was time to check in on some of the more popular ideas circulating in the Thronesverse — and to judge the chances that we’ll get any answers or clues in “The Winds of Winter,” which airs Sunday at 9/8c.

Is Sansa carrying Ramsay Bolton’s heir? Is Bran a more important character than we realized? Who’s Jon’s mother — and does he have a twin? Click through the gallery below to see them all, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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