Wayward Pines Sneak Peek: Does a Female Abbie Hold Deadly Answers?

The Wayward Pines brain trust is about to see how the “other” half of the Abbie population lives, when they get a chance to study one of the female feral creatures.

As seen in the above sneak peek from Wednesday’s episode, “Sound the Alarm” (Fox, 9/8c), Hope Davis’ Megan notices a strange marking on the captured female Abbie’s hand, one that at first blush appears anthropological in nature — though Jason is skeptical that these “animals” could form organized tribes. Presenting her findings to both Jason and Kerry, Megan wonders in what exact ways, physiology (and stiletto nails) aside, the female Abbies differ from their male counterparts. What does Megan hope to do with those answers? Press play above to find out.

Elsewhere in the episode: Rebecca recalls first meeting Pilcher as an architect; the creation of Wayward Pines is revealed; Theo is shocked by a secret Rebecca divulges to him; and Teresa tells CJ and Adam she wants to live outside the walls (crazy girl).

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