12 Soap Characters Who Are Heading Into Red-Hot Summer Storylines

12 Soap Characters Heading for Hot Summers

Oh, quit your moping already. Though many of your — and, yes, our — favorite primetime dramas are currently on hiatus, their daytime counterparts don’t get a summer vacation. In fact, if anything, the afternoon soaps turn up the heat this time of year to ensure that their storylines are as irresistible as a poolside mojito.

Among 2016’s steamy selections: The Young and the Restless is serving up the tawdry tale of a vixen torn between two lovers… who just happen to be half brothers. General Hospital is hooking up its resident sweetheart with not just a bad boy but (arguably) the baddest boy in Port Charles history. Days of Our Lives has put its newlywed hunk in the path of temptation. And The Bold and the Beautiful has given its foremost ladies’ man not only his own private playroom but — of course! — an eager playmate to go with it.

See? Suddenly, the dead of summer is sounding a whole lot livelier, isn’t it?

Scroll through the gallery below to find out which characters you should keep the closest eye on in the months ahead. Then hit the comments with the characters you want to see joining them on the front burner!