Deadliest Catch Sneak Peek: Disaster Strikes Sig Hansen's Northwestern

Sig Hansen is having such an unusually good night at the beginning of this exclusive sneak-preview clip from Tuesday’s episode of Deadliest Catch (Discovery, 9/8c) that you just know it can’t possibly last!

At first, it looks as if nothing could go wrong for the captain of the F/V Northwestern. The weather’s not bad, the crew is in exceptionally high spirits, and crab seem to be waiting in line to enter Hanson’s pots. “This is really fun,” he says.

And that fast, everything changes. The power goes out, plunging the ship into darkness — which is bad enough! — then a fire is discovered below deck. “Stay calm!” Hansen instructs his men. But with the vessel days from land, is “calm” even a remote possibility?

Click on the video above, then answer this question in the comments: If you had to be trapped in such a dangerous situation at sea, which of the show’s captains would you want to have in charge?

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