Deadliest Catch Sneak Peek: Disaster Strikes Sig Hansen's Northwestern

Sig Hansen is having such an unusually good night at the beginning of this exclusive sneak-preview clip from Tuesday’s episode of Deadliest Catch (Discovery, 9/8c) that you just know it can’t possibly last!

At first, it looks as if nothing could go wrong for the captain of the F/V Northwestern. The weather’s not bad, the crew is in exceptionally high spirits, and crab seem to be waiting in line to enter Hanson’s pots. “This is really fun,” he says.

And that fast, everything changes. The power goes out, plunging the ship into darkness — which is bad enough! — then a fire is discovered below deck. “Stay calm!” Hansen instructs his men. But with the vessel days from land, is “calm” even a remote possibility?

Click on the video above, then answer this question in the comments: If you had to be trapped in such a dangerous situation at sea, which of the show’s captains would you want to have in charge?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. no doubt about it….I’d want Sig in charge, if something bad should happen

  2. daliessio says:

    Geez…that’s a years worth of stress in a minute and a half

  3. Danielle says:

    Not that I’d want to see something happen to any of the boats (Especially the Northwestern); but this season has been SOOOOO boring. Feels increasingly scripted and it’s getting hard to watch.

  4. carol says:

    sig all the way

  5. i’d want Sig fer sure! next i’d want Wild Bill!

  6. There would be no doubt about it. It would be my main man captain Sig. That man has ice water for blood.and would sweat ice cubes. He is cool under fire.

  7. Richard Davis says:

    I am a retired Airline Captain I have had in the past problems in the air Calmness and Experience is the only.
    Capt. Sig Hansen is the one and only one I would go to sea with.

  8. Elaine Allison says:

    Yep! Gotta be Sig.

  9. Eric says:

    Certainly not Jake Anderson or Josh Harris…

  10. Keith Jones says:

    I like experience in a situation. That elects Captain Sig.

  11. francisco says:

    for sure Sig Hansen

  12. dwayne says:

    Phil Harris

  13. jerry ashby says:

    Sig, he is the best skipper of the bunch.

  14. mick says:

    sig for sure

  15. Geoff P says:

    Capt Sig this season has shown his softer side talking about Phil and his boys and letting his daughter become a fisher women . He shows us all how to be a good friend with out trying to influence any one Go Sig

  16. Sylvia says:

    I would want Sig and Edgar by my side, no doubt about it

  17. Al says:

    Sig and Edgar for sure, no substitute for experience

  18. Becky Jones says:

    Sig would be the one I would want in charge!

  19. Brian says:

    No Doubt….Sig Hansen – he exudes the knowledge, confidence and experience -and has the crew if / when something does happen.

  20. Steve Barnes says:

    These “reality” shows are all the same. Manufactured “Drama” to keep people coming back.

  21. Brenda Kuznof says:

    Without a doubt Sig. I think they keep their boat maintained better than the other ships and the Northwestern has the best engineer in the fleet in Edgar Hanson.

  22. Laura Hippen says:

    It’s a toss up between Sig and Keith. As much as I don’t like Keith, they both have tons of experience and are involved in every aspect of the boat-even go on deck now and then. They keep their cool under distress. They tend to every injury-don’t just tell someone what to do with it. They both maintain good control over their vessel and crew. We’ve seen a more personal side of Keith this year which makes him more likable. For me it’s a tough call.

  23. Robert says:

    Definitely Sig!

  24. Robert says:

    I commercial fished in Alaska back in the eighties and of all the captains that have been the show Sig Hanson by far would be my very first choice!!!!!

  25. Laura says:

    Without hesitation, Sig would be my choice.

  26. Mike Gondro says:

    As a Captain myself for over 20 years on big offshore supply vessels we train and drill for situations like this weekly. I have watched this show sense it started along with me crew. Fire is the worst thing to happen when you are basically on a floating island with no where to go. All the Captains on the show demonstrate the awareness to save lives and vessels. I would sail with any of them. I think Jake has the least experience with an emergency like this but has had training and time with Sig and has shown good judgment as Captain and would get through something like this but with a bit more chaos, BUT would get through it. Life at sea is something land lubbers only see in the movies, the real thing is a test of men, in all aspects when going out to sea.

  27. doug shepard says:

    Hmm no doubt my choice would be Sig and Edgar there unbeatable under pressure

  28. NikL says:

    Edgar. He’s not only cool headed but he knows how to do everything with that boat.

  29. Gern Blanston says:

    Looks kind of staged.

  30. Cathey McAthur says:

    for sure I’d want Sig to be the captain of the ship I was on . I trust him hole heartedly.

  31. Debbie Pierce says:

    Sig is the man to have in charge! He would never do anything to put his crew in jeopardy, no matter how good the fishing may be! There is something calming when Sig and Edgar are handling situations when things go suddenly bad!

  32. Terri Nice says:

    Oh Siggy for sure

  33. Coleen says:

    No brainer — Sig

  34. NJ Phil says:

    Maybe Fortner can explain what a fire is, how to deal with the fire, how fires are prevented and why fires are so deadly on a fishing boat, and how fire was invented. It would also be nice to know the future of fire

  35. dave beck says:

    Sig is probably best. The worst by far is wild Bill. He has a serious self control problem and cannot communicate without threats of violence. He needs some serious theropy and a haircut. Also losing about 50 pounds might help as well.

  36. timothy wright says:

    I prayed that you and your crew on the Northwestern would make it home safely and it was answered you guys are safe and ready to crab agine .Good luck and may all your traps be full.

    • dave beck says:

      Always amazes me to see these men sit in the wheel house and chain smoke. They drink lots of coffee, don’t eat healthy, don’t exercise, don’t sleep, are always trying to get richer and they could all die in an instant.
      Most every one will die from heart failure. Not very smart.