Seth Meyers to Donald Trump: Exit the Race, Be a Chicago President on NBC

Seth Meyers isn’t dropping his “ban” on Donald Trump, but he is prepared to help land him a job with Dick Wolf should he agree to exit the presidential race prior to the Republican National Convention.

The Late Night host on Thursday offered the candidate “all the trappings of the presidency, without any of the responsibility” courtesy of a straight-to-series order for Chicago President. The generous deal would let his supporters “watch [him] be president but with no real-world consequences.”

As outlined by Meyers, the umpteenth Chicago Fire spinoff wouldn’t just be a winner for the Peacock, but also for supporters of Trump’s plan to build a wall across the United States-Mexico border.

“On TV, we just need to build a tiny part of the wall,” Meyers explained. “And then we’ll just CGI the rest.”

As for who could play the judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit on Chicago President? “Jimmy Smits. We! Can! Get! Smits!

Watch Meyers’ proposition above, then answer the following question: Would a fictitious Trump presidency make for great TV?