Quantum Leap Returns... To Stop a Trump Presidency on The Late Show

Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home, but he did stop by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in an attempt to reverse-engineer Donald Trump’s presidential run.

Scott Bakula (sort of) reprised his Quantum Leap role on Wednesday when Colbert — who kept referring to Bakula by name (and not by his character) — used super-hybrid computer Ziggy to transport himself into the April 1992 episode (“It’s a Wonderful Leap”) that he believes inspired a much younger Trump to one day seek out the highest office in the land.

Unfortunately, every effort to talk down the eventual Republican candidate triggers an even scarier outcome, including one where the billionaire turns out to be the supreme leader of [spoiler]!

Watch the short-lived Quantum Leap revival above, then try to make sense of the bit’s shaggy dog story-like conclusion in the comments below.