Kirsten Storms Returning to GH

General Hospital's Kirsten Storms Returning as Maxie in August

When Kirsten Storms told her fans that they’d be seeing her again “in no time,” she really meant it: The General Hospital leading lady will be back on air as Maxie the first week of August, TVLine has confirmed.

In May, the actress began a leave of absence from ABC’s daytime drama to recover from what she described in a tweet as “breakouts due to stress,” which became “too difficult for GH to cover up.

“And we all know,” she added, “in this biz, appearance is important.”

In her absence, Days of Our Lives alumna Molly Burnett (ex-Melanie) stepped in to keep Maxie’s front-burner storyline warm. (Ironically, Storms’ break came right on the heels of co-star Tyler Christopher taking a temporary leave from his role of Nikolas, which is now being played by Sunset Beach grad Nick Stabile.) Soap Opera Digest first reported the news of Storms’ imminent return.

What do you think, GH fans? On a scale of 1 (yay) to 10 (YAY!!!), how glad will you be to have Storms back in Port Charles?

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  1. lechatnoir says:

    she favours Tara Reid circa 2001 . This is a pretty bird.

  2. Lucky says:

    Great news. Maxie is my favorite character, and it just isn’t the same with someone else playing her. I’m glad Kirsten is feeling better.

  3. Cassie says:

    Great to see KStorms is better and back.

    PS– loving all the soap updates lately.

  4. Mary says:

    Glad she is returning and hope that everything in her life is okay. I almost forgot she was taking time off because she still is on screen. I know they tape in advance but maybe they should of held off telling everyone until it was time for her to go. Same with Nicholas.

    • Rose SHIVELY says:

      I agfee! These no warning leaves of absence and replacements really get on my nerves.

      • marykay. says:

        What do you mean she hasn’t been on the screen. She has been gone for weeks and replaced by someone else who is really really bad. That’s why am so happy to see her come back.

  5. Kevin K says:

    TEN. Good news for GH fans and we don’t have to wait until August when Kirsten Storms goes back to work. Hope Molly Burnett should do a good job filling in for the Maxie role.

  6. bigdede says:

    My opinion, Molly was doing a terrible job and TPTB begged Kirsten to come back early. There’s no way this “Claudette” story could work with Ryan P as Nathan and Molly as Maxie. Ryan is a terrible actor already so I know those scenes with him and Molly were amazingly bad. If she was breaking out due to stress, she needed a good couple of months off. It takes at least 6 weeks for your skin to start clearing up a bit with medication. And if it’s stress induced, then she would need to do something to de-stress her life. That takes more than 2 months. So they begged Kirsten to come back to salvage this stupid unnecessary Claudette story.

  7. joni frye says:

    I love maxi e and nikolas. .There my favorite actors. .Plus sonny. .I think sonny is handsome. Sexy guy on General Hospital. .I love General Hospital. .

    • hyhd says:

      DITTO everything you said. Bring back “Johnnie”. Ryan is handsomely terrible!

    • hyhd says:

      Yes, yes, yes and please do something with that Michael Easton storyline. He is as dry as a bone and why they keep bringing him back with these stupid stories is beyond me. Hey, but I’m loving “Patrick” on Y&R. GH did not use him to his full capacity. He is bringing it over there. Sorry, GH but “Jason” should come back, they’re not using him right over there either. Love Carly and Sonny no matter what.

      • Lillian says:

        I have to agree. They should have given Patrick something a bit more challenging as oppose to those sobbing story lines. As for Jason he was the best there was. His replacement does not do him any justice. So disappointed. We all want the real Jason back. PLEASE!!!!

        • KeeKee says:

          “Jason” left because the commute was too much for his family. He was away from them too much. He ain’t coming back! I wished I still watched Y&R just to see “Patrick” there. 😊

          • LaToya says:

            He’s with Sharon over there as Dillon, Nikki Newman son, so he gets a lot if airtime, but I hate the s/l our Jason is tied up in over there…. It’s so weird seeing Y&R’s Billy as Jason n our Jason as Dillon, n Patrick, as Billy now, my head is spinning.

          • BJ says:

            Which I don’t understand because they are both filmed in LA (6.3 miles apart)so how did that help his commute? So he could come back. I have never understood that reason that he gave.

      • Rose SHIVELY says:

        His I’m dying scenes aren’t leading anywhere. The story lines get Drug out WAY TOO Long and why can’t Alexis and Sonny let their Grown up daughter ‘of age’ make her own decisions?
        It’s different I’ll admit but, she’s in Love and look what Alexis did.

      • Karla Vee says:


  8. Dawn Nappi says:


  9. Chrippy says:

    I don’t really understand American soaps. Do you just have a bunch of alternates to swap in if an actor wants out? Do Americans not get confused by the changing actors?

    • Debbie says:

      It’s been a long held tradition in American soaps for one actor to take over for another. A voice announcement usually takes place before the new actor begins their first scene, so the audience knows which character they are temporarily playing. There’s very little confusion and it allows for stories to continue in their absence.

  10. Delia Alfaro says:

    So glad she’s coming back she plays her role perfectly and I like her character.

    • Bev says:

      Yes a ten no one plays Maxanista better the level of pizzaz and moxie is amazing also bring back Nicholas soon! ! !

  11. Tonya says:

    I’m happy to see her coming back let’s see what they have in store for her.

  12. Pattie says:

    10 yay. She is adorable as Maxie

  13. Justime says:

    10 YAY Love her …& bring Nichoas back soon please.
    IRL Since 2013 Kirstin Storms and actor Brandon Barrash who plays Johnny Zacharra
    married, had a baby (age 2?)& are now divorcing. That’s a LOT of life changes in a short time. I wish her well.

    • hyhd says:

      Oh no. No wonder she’s breaking out.

    • Judy Wheeler says:

      I can’t wait for Kristen Storms who plays Maxie to be back bc the girl who took her place is a Brinette so its hard to watch her play Maxie!! How come they didn’t replace her with a Blonde like Kristen Storms? Maybe they didn’t have time but the character would be more believable if she was a Blonde!! I’m just soo HAPPY Kristen is coming back soon!!! Sorry to hear she is divorcing bc children need a Father too!! I grew up without mine and there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t wish I had of had a father around and believe you me it does totally affect the child!! I still have scars even as a adult!!! Kristen please make sure your ex is completely in your child’s life bc mine wasn’t!! Also please bring the real Nickolas back soon!! I Love General Hospital!! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. I love the original maxie.

    • Robin Leslie says:

      FYI…..Kirsten Storms was NOT the original actress to play Maxie. The character was played for years… Robyn Richards, before Kirsten Storms came along.

  15. Lillian says:

    I love her as Maxie Jones and very happy to hear that she is returning.

  16. Lillian says:

    There is no one that can take Kristen storms place as Maxie. She is one of my favorites. She has style.

  17. Betty McKay says:

    Kristen is Maxim to a T. So glad she’s coming back.

  18. I am thrilled she is coming back SO quickly. No one can play Maxi like Kristen!

  19. ve Ms. Storm as Maxie and want to keep her this role.

  20. We love Ms, Storm playing the role of Maxie and want to keep her in this role.

  21. Vivian says:

    I love Kirsten Storms I welcome her back ,she’s a great actress.

  22. DD says:

    Kirsten is my favorite character. Show is not the same without her.

  23. Dana says:

    Turned GH today to find Kirsten Storms not playing the role of Maxie Jones. Had to google why and now that I know why she is out I hope that she gets better soon. The role of Maxie is not one that can be filled by just anyone. I wish you a well and a speedy recovery. Kirsten remember STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS! So sit back relax and have some desserts. :)

    ABM Fan for 40 Years

  24. Angelo Diggs says:

    Yes, I cannot wait for her return because no one plays Maxie better than Kirsten Storms

  25. N Gross says:

    Cant wait for her to be back. Get better soon. We miss you

  26. Trudy says:

    Hope you get better but it is not the same without you being Maxie.😖

  27. ladyboats says:

    Kristen plays the character to a tee…hope she is back soon and feels well.

  28. Floyd Chisolm says:

    Get her back as quickly as possible. With her storyline heating up I’d love to watch Storm play it out

  29. Barbara says:

    Can’t wait for KStorms to get back. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  30. Bevky says:

    Glad she will return as maxi especially glad Chris will be back as nickolas!!!!

  31. Vicki says:

    Yayyyy come back…….Yes I agree with lucky
    … bring maxi back….no one can’t replace her….

  32. Cat Colbert says:

    Kirsten Is the perfect Maxi. I can’t wait for her return!

  33. Vicki says:

    Yayyyy bring her back…….I agree with lucky
    … bring maxi back….no one else can’t replace her….

  34. Alison k collins says:

    I can’t wait until she’s back to play Maxie. She’s a great actress!

  35. Mile-hi Chic says:

    Will miss Kristen, glad the storyline is continuing & l do like Molly. Quick recovery to Kristen – we fans will be happy when you return.

  36. Sherry says:

    Speedy recovery Kirsten. YOU are Maxie.

  37. Linda Pegues says:

    No one can Maxie like Storm hurry back please

  38. Cinda witt says:

    Yessssssss no one can be maxi but Kirsten storms she’s irreplaceable love and prayers for you storms!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Gail says:

    Storm is the best Maxie of them all. Please bring her back ASAP. This new Maxie just doesn’t fit the part.

  40. Temika Grant says:

    To happy!! Had gotten disappointed and discouraged with two of my favorite actors being gone. Just getting use to the new Jason but he has grown on me.

  41. Deanna Sibley says:

    A 10 Storms plays a very important role and her character is Taylor made for her and only her I don’t like the replacement her return couldn’t come soon enough she is truly missed

  42. B Brant says:

    10, Hope shes doing better and will be back soon.

  43. S Stallings says:

    No one could play her part like her. Especially casting with someone that does not resemble her in the least.

  44. Keitra Fernandez says:

    Love Kristen and she plays Maxie flawlessly!!!!! Can’t wait for you to get back to work!!!!

  45. Steven Wallenstein says:

    10 YAY !!! They should have had Molly taken over the role of Kiki instead. And permanently!

  46. Cathyc says:

    Storms is the best be glad when she is back Sorry to hear about her divorce. Don’t like the stand in Nikolas. Love Michael Easton glad he’s back

  47. Janet Bible says:

    Glad she will be back. This one is better than the last one.

  48. serenityfair says:

    The once again new Maxie seems to have been doing her homework. Confused why they hired a brunette and fail to mention Maxie’s new look. I would say they should have had Bree play Maxie while Kirsten is gone but I LOVE Bree Williamson so I hope as much as we will hate Claudette, I hope she ends up in a long term role. SO happy this is a short break for Ms.Storms!

  49. vicki says:

    No one can play Maxi better than Kristen. I hope she returns soon.