Smash Season 2

Smash's Leslie Odom, Jr. Admits Season 2 Was 'Not That Great'

Do you remember the second season of NBC’s Smash? Pepperidge Farm remembers. And, unfortunately, so does Leslie Odom, Jr.

The actor, who won his first Tony Award on Sunday for his work as Hamilton‘s Aaron Burr, was a guest on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live, where host Andy Cohen managed to squeeze out his honest opinion about the NBC drama’s second (and final) year.

“Hey, Leslie, Remember when you were on Smash?” asked Hamilton, the shady gay pig (easily my favorite WWHL character to date, by the way). “Be honest: How would you rate the second season of Smash on a scale of one to 10?”

Smash Season 2

If Odom could have immediately bolted from the studio, leaving an Aaron Burr-shaped hole in the wall, believe me, he would have. Instead, he turned to fellow guest Nick Jonas — who appeared in two episodes of Smash‘s first season — and asked, “Is that the season you were on?” (It wasn’t.)

But Cohen wasn’t about to let Odom get away that easily. Finishing where Hamilton left off, he pushed the Tony winner for an answer, eventually getting him to settle on a three — and to admit it was, generally, “not that great.”

Do you agree with Odom’s assessment, or does your opinion differ from his (and the network’s, the critics’ and pretty much everybody else’s)? Whatever your thoughts, drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Joel Maurice says:

    I liked Hitlist way more than Bombshell. So season 2 was better for me musically. And basically thats all I cared about. All the characters were basically garbage in season 1 and 2 except for Derek, Ivy, Karen and Sam. The writing was never great and the story lines were laughable for the whole run.

  2. MattySi says:

    I loved the second season of Smash. Well I loved most of the new characters and and music. Storyline not so tmuc.

  3. EJ says:

    Season 2 was horrendous. Hitlist was an extremely cynical attempt to make the Broadway setting contemporary.

  4. funnibone31 says:

    While I enjoyed Jeremy Jordan’s singing on Season 2, his character was awful. They wasted such talent.

  5. David says:

    Season two was terrible. The storyline was unbelievable (Katharine McPhee’s character drops out of a starring role in a Broadway show so that she can star in her boyfriend of two minutes musical that probably wouldn’t even make it to off-Broadway….really?). I loved the first season and absolutely hated the second season.

    • Greg Kubas says:

      Love Katharine McPhee but this was not the show for her. She is better in Scorpion.

    • Jasmin says:

      I absolutely agree, loved season 1 (although storylines not the best) and hated season 2 – such a shame they wrecked this show.

  6. Jacqi says:

    I actually enjoyed seasons 2 music better than season 1. I downloaded all of the hit list songs. I enjoyed the behind the scenes of “making” a broadway show of season 1 but enjoyed the characters more in season 2

  7. V. says:

    Spot on. Karen was the weak link in the series, and season 2 saw them give her even more time and start that Hitlist mess. They should’ve writen her off and focus more on Ivy. The good thing about season 2 was that Jeremy Jordan (terrible character, amazing singing and charisma), Krysta Rodriguez (underused and underappreciated) and Andy Mientus (the show’s revelation talent) came in and were great.

  8. S2 wasn’t that good but not as bad as I rember end when I rewatched a few episodes a while back.S1 was much better.Bombshell was the better musical and having three musicals going at one( Bombshell,Hit List and the other one Ivy was on with SeasnHayes character ) was awful

  9. He’s not wrong! Season 2 destroyed everything that was watchable about season 1. I actually really liked the show, and they ruined what was great about it. Besides the glaring fact that no one would ever take Katharine McPhee seriously as Marilyn Monroe.

  10. bryan says:

    …Karen would quit a starring role in a Broadway show for her boyfriend ..don’t think so…and then they would hire Ivy who was fired for being drunk as a chorus girl….yes the backers would have loved her stable ass leading their million dollar show…some of the music was good though

  11. GeorgeR says:

    I loved the first season, the second season was eh, more talent Jeremy Jordans singing was great but a lot of it was more TV than Broadway. Katherine and Meagan were both terrific in both seasons as were the main cast , killing kyle was not needed and hit list annoyed me especially the whole sexual harassment story line and really why couldnt Jerry pull some favors or hire a high powered attorney to keep his star and co owner of hit list out of jail on an old drug charge. I agree with other commenters that with millions invested in both shows a lot of the choices were unrealistic

  12. Television says:

    Smash was a great show, although I don’t remember this character/actor. There was nothing wrong with season two either.

  13. Joey says:

    Season 2 was infinitely better than Season 1 for the sole reason that Ellis wasn’t in it.

  14. Kenbud says:

    Wow, an entire article based on three words: “Not that great.”

  15. adam says:

    Well i actually stopped watching season 2 for a long time because the story lines were irritating me. I did eventually catch up though, because i loved the songs in season 2. Plus i loved Megan Hilty on the show for both seasons as well as Krysta Rodriguez and Andy Mientus during season 2.

  16. Mollytanner says:

    I’m sure Jeremy Jordan is great, but his acting was awful in Smash. I don’t think it was just the character.

  17. Cate53 says:

    For me, the music for the S2 musical Hitlist was nowhere near as good as the Marilyn musical Bombshell, plus the young guys were really very dull. The show always struggled to make us root for Kat McPhee who was clearly not the Broadway performer Megan Hilty was. Still. I liked the show a lot and great to have a backstage Broadway to show.

  18. anontvxpert says:

    Saying that there were some issues with season 2 is an understatement BUT what an actor goes through and what the audience sees are two completely different things. With that said, s2 had its ups & downs and what the finale left us with could of been a promising (& much better) season 3.

  19. matty says:

    Smash was just a big disaster from start to finish. I still can’t get rid of the sight of Debra Messing’s oversized scarves!

  20. Paul says:

    In the slideshow, you have one of the stars of Selfie listed as Henry Cho. It’s John Cho.