Seth Meyers Bans Donald Trump From Appearing on Late Night (Video)

Seth Meyers is no longer taking Donald Trump’s attack on freedom of the press with a grain of salt.

The Late Night host on Tuesday banned the Republican presidential nominee from appearing on his NBC talk show following the candidate’s decision to block The Washington Post from attending his campaign events. Trump’s embargo on the D.C.-based publication came after a headline was published emphasizing his inherent attempts to paint President Barack Obama as a terrorist sympathizer in wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting on June 11.

“Trump’s vague innuendo is no accident,” Meyers said, insisting that “this is a strategy he uses to try to appeal to the outer fringes while also avoiding accountability.”

Meyers was also put off by Trump’s inflammatory statements suggesting that all Muslims are in some way tied to a radical Jihadist agenda, be that via their own belief systems or through someone they know:

“To be clear, this is bigotry, plain and simple. To claim that any group of people, immigrants or anyone else, has anything in common with a terrorist murderer simply based on their ethnic background or religion… is dangerous and wrong.”

Do you agree with Meyers’ Trump ban? Watch the segment above.

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  1. V. says:

    Yas! It took too long. Talk shows kept giving him space to spread his hate, hope more networks follow this example, his not funny, his an idiot.

  2. Simon says:

    Good for Meyers. I gotta say I was kinda disappointed in both Jimmys for having him on. Of course talk shows need to have politicians from both parties, but Trump is a disgrace to all US politics. He’s a unrefined bully with thin skin who cannot take any criticism.

  3. Angela says:

    Sounds logical to me. Trump wants to ban people he doesn’t like for various reasons, it’s only fair he get a taste of his own medicine.
    I’m glad to see people calling Trump out for his BS response to the Orlando shooting, and calling him out for his blatant racism and xenophobia in general. Seriously, anyone who still thinks it’s worth voting for him after this…they need to get a clue.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Seth can have whomever he wants on his show and I’m happy to not see Trump’s face any more than I have to. But, I wonder if this sort of thing isn’t going to backfire. I think it’s better to let Trump torpedo himself with his own words rather than have people start thinking he’s a victim of the political/entertainment establishment.

    • Mary says:

      You won’t have to worry because this will not stop Trump in the least. I am sure his twitter will be lit up like Christmas. Maybe it will be a wake up call for him when he might have to actually pay for the publicity instead of getting it for free. Trump and his followers already portray him as the victim of the media so nothing new on that front.

    • Brian Kennan says:

      No one thinks he is being treated unfairly except his favorite “yes” men

  5. Gerri says:

    Have to say I look forward to “A Closer Look” more than any other nighttime talk show gimmick. Seth just nails it every time. Hope America wakes up before the election.

  6. Abe Froman says:

    I highly doubt Trump even cares about appearing on Meyers’ low-rated show.

  7. Sally Mander says:

    Lorne Michaels allowed this?

  8. Chuck says:

    It took THIS LONG for Meyers to ban him? When NBC “cut all ties” with the pig, I didn’t expect him to show up anywhere on the network except for the news. But he pops up on all the late night shows and hosts SNL. So, this comes just a little too late. Meyers has already given him enough free publicity, the damage is done.

  9. dave says:

    I have a question, why is ok for people to show different videos that show conflicting responses but when someone shows the same about Hillary they are called a sexist? Lets be honest politicians lie all the time lol.

    • Mary says:

      It is not the conflicting responses it is how the response was presented. I know Trump followers think he is being harass but really his remarks were not only lies but down right disrespectful. Unfortunately some find it refreshing but most find it inappropriate. If this is the man who some believe should represent our Country then we are in worst shape than I thought.

    • DL says:

      I don’t think anyone’s a sexist for pointing out when Hillary contradicts herself. I’m going to vote for her, but I still wish she’d apologize for her hubris with the emails and try hard to be more transparent moving forward. If she just owned her flaws instead of always distracting from them, maybe more people would be willing to trust her.

  10. Ms thang says:

    Finally, someone has the guts to do it! I salute you, Mr. Meyers!

  11. Guest says:

    He should ban individuals who are actively being investigated by the FBI as well.

  12. John Quinn says:

    Freedom of the Press… He is a late night talk show host, someone to entertain people that don’t have the intelligence to actually watch real news. Anyone that gets their news from comedians are morons and shouldn’t have a voice in any issue. Pick up a news paper or do you own damn research. Don’t go to a dancing monkey like this to get your “news”.

    Getting you news or taking this guys opinion as your own is like getting dieting advice from the 1000 pound man in the circus or like getting dating advice from a 12 year old virgin. Pathetic, all of you.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t believe people watch these late night shows for news. Hate to break it to you but these comedians are citizens and have every right to voice their opinion just like you, calling them names is not only childish but non productive. I am sure Trump will have a derogatory remark as a come back but that is expected. I know it is too much to ask but maybe if all these news outlet and late night show host stop giving him free publicity he might ( whom am I kidding) act like a responsible Human Being and think before speaking.

    • Chris Leonardi says:

      You say that. Yet, these “dancing monkeys” have been a more reliable source for news over the past several year than actual news sources.

      • Lemonlime623 says:

        I love Samantha Bee. I get my news from her, and that’s that. She’s brilliant. John Oliver is a close second.

  13. texmike says:

    I have been a long time fan of Myers since his days on SNL. However, I have recently stopped watching. His nightly harangue of Trump attacks has become boring and tedious. He has become as bitter as Letterman. He needs to forget his liberal political commentary and return to entertaining.

  14. Such a good reason to stop watching Seth Meyers now. Just what the Doctor ordered! I have been waiting for this moment to switch channels. Thank you!

    • Brigid says:

      It took Seth banning a childish reality show host from his show for you to switch channels? LOL That says a lot about you! Fool-e-o!!!

  15. Sharon says:

    Thank you, it’s about time that the media stops giving this idiot more attention than he deserves, nothing will change if we don’t stand up and speak out against this type of garbage from people who live to hate.

  16. Glenn says:

    Seth Meyers should stick to his script and be a comedian. It puzzles me why late night home artists think they have an obligation to comment on serious issues. Conan, Colbert and even Jimmy Fallon have an unbelievable sense of self importance when they attempt to comment on serious issues that the world faces. Stick to bathroom humor guys! Leave the commentary to the professional newscasters. We, as a nation, turn to our late night comedians to laugh….your opinions, while well-meant, are not appreciated, in any way, shape or form. Johnny Carson wouldn’t be that way. Please just shut up about serious things. We expect laughter and lightness from our late night comedians. No one wants your opinions on serious subjects. Just make us laugh, please.

  17. sunshine says:

    Anyone with average intelligence and observation skills knows that Islamists are at war with “infidels,” and the United States, being the “Great Satan,” is at the very top of that list. It doesn’t matter what our policies are, and it doesn’t matter how rich or poor these religious ideologues are; they aim to kill those who won’t submit or convert. And this isn’t rank speculation. They tell us this every time they open their mouths.

  18. Carla says:

    Who gives a flying F what Seth Myers does!! His show sucks anyway !!!

  19. Alex says:

    After everything that’s happened in Orlando does he think anyone cares? So few people care what old Seth does it isn’t funny. You’re going to have to do something better to get attention Seth!

  20. Kaye stowell says:

    Who is Seth Meyers?

  21. Lemonlime623 says:

    I’m just waiting for this to be over. I mean, it’s gone on long enough, America. Haha, we entertained the idea of Trump as President (Spoiler alert: IT’S A BAD IDEA). Very funny, but the joke’s over. Can we PLEASE bring our the real Republican nominee now?

    • Angus says:

      Get used to it. He’s going to be your next president. We have our own idiot up here north of the 49th. Canadians were mesmerized by nice hair and the promise to legalize dope. Well we got dope alright, it’s name is Justin Trudeau.

  22. E.F. Coleman says:

    Good idea wished the other night and daytime shows would follow suit, this thing does not need more exposure.

  23. Yep says:

    Yes. Good for him. The worst rated late night show is going to not allow the most talked about man in the country. Enjoy unemployment, Seth

  24. Angus says:

    Seth Meyers is irrelevant, notwithstanding what Donald Trump stands for.