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Dawson's Creek, Friends, FNL and Other Shows That Should Never Be Revived

For every Veronica Mars movie and every Gilmore Girls revival, there are dozens of other shows whose names inevitably come up after the words, “Bring back… !”

In fact, just this past weekend at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Tex., the Ugly Betty reunion panel sparked the hashtag #hulubringbackuglybetty. But does the late ABC series, which wrapped in 2010 with a pretty terrific finale, really need a continuation?

Part of what makes storytelling such a satisfying art form is that it has a beginning, middle and end, like the delicious dessert at the finish of a three-course meal. So while we loved Ugly Betty — not to mention Friday Night Lights, Charmed, Chuck and many others — we’re perfectly happy with the seasons that we got, and don’t feel the need for seconds.

Click through the gallery below (or right here) to find out which shows we think should not get the revival treatment, then hit the comments with your picks. (Reboots are a whole different beast, so while we’re against a Dawson’s Creek reunion, we’re all for a present-day update with a new cast. Get on that, CW!)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin K says:

    Friday Night Lights. It made me feel so emotional episode after episode. CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS CAN’T LOSE

  2. Michael Littlefield says:

    I only disagree with Chuck. I think it deserves some sort of movie so that we see Sarah get her memory back. I think it deserves a final 2 hour send off so that we can definitively see what we were lead to believe(that there was eventually a happily ever after). That’s all I ask. :)

    • peterwdawson says:

      Aye, that lack of resolution sucked. You can do ambiguous on some shows, but Chuck was not one of those shows.

      • Christina says:

        Was coming here to say exactly the same thing. That show was all about the happy ending, and that certainly wasn’t one for me.

      • Jenny says:

        Even if Sarah eventually got her memories back, she lost her friendships with Casey, Ellie, and Awesome. The finale essentially said those friendships were meaningless. The finale essentially reduced her to Chuck’s love interest and her growth was irrelevant.

        • Josh says:

          Thank you Jenny! To me, Sarah’s growth was as important as Chuck’s, so to just say, “Well a good ending is good because she’ll always falls in love with Chuck!” is besides the moment.

        • emily says:

          what are you talking about? sarah did get her memories back and they would be of all her memories with all her friends as well.

      • Mark says:

        All I have to add to the above is when is the promised movie coming Zachary Levi we have been waiting long enough all those passionate speeches its time to deliver….

    • Audrey says:

      Same. As moving as the ending was with Chuck telling Sarah “their story”, it would be nice to check back in on them. Also, I really miss that sense of humor- nothing since has filled that particular hole in my TV-viewing heart :)

      • KT says:

        I’m so with it. I rewatched the entire series last summer on Netflix and I might have to do that again this coming summer. I miss it so much!

    • Brad says:

      So true I hated the ending the entire arc as soon as it started so freaking dumb

    • Ronda says:

      Absolutely! Great show, frustrating ending.

    • Miranda says:

      Agreed. The whole final season wasn’t that great in any real sense.

    • Lysh says:

      I agree. And from what I hear every year at Nerd HQ, they’re interested in doing at least a movie.

  3. TV Addict says:

    You had me until Ugly Betty! I would love to see what she’s been up to since the finale and get another season of antics from her the cast.

    • opheliablack says:

      I know you’re a “TV” addict, but if you are in to fanfiction at all, a very good closer for UB is MODE! Final Issue by Yahtzee. It reads very much like an episode of the show and because of it, I don’t need an epilogue for the show.

  4. Barry says:

    I would definitely bring back “Buffy”. There are so many possibilities for one of the best shows of all time. I would bring back “Charmed” too. I think that could be easy to continue in some sort of way. Also, “Everwood”. It was perfect but it was cut way before it’s time.

  5. Redreddington says:

    So does the BSG movie coming out sometime within the next 5 years or so count as a reboot?

  6. Nick says:

    Having started an Alias rewatch after TVline’s retrospective was posted, I believe it should be added to this list. Why continue the show if Sloane, Irinia and Jack are all gone??

    • B says:

      I totally agree. If they ever talk about a reboot, I would want to start a “leave Sydney alone” movement.

  7. Andreia says:

    Well this weekend was not just Ugly Betty that did that, Terriers also mentioned the same thing, about how they had ideas to a movie , since everyone wanted that and if they had for example Netflix wanting to do a movie since involves Fox not having rights anymore, so i would say Terriers was the one i would want to see revive, even as a movie.

    • CaptainOats says:

      Terriers is a great idea. Not only was it cut way too soon, the two actors haven’t found work even close to as good as that show. I believe there is way more story to tell w/ that one.

  8. Steven says:

    If Joss Whedon is involved then Buffy should definitely come back. Charmed is the revival I’m most hoping for. But only if all 4 sisters are involved and Brad Kern isn’t.

    • I never missed Prue after she was gone, but it was never plausible they were unable to communicate with her. I hope that eventually they were.

      I wonder if they’ll explain what happened to Rose McGowan’s face (you know, all the plastic surgery) as a spell gone wrong… She was so pretty :(

  9. Michelle says:

    I think Buffy could definitely be brought back, only if Joss Whedon was involved of course. Buffy could take over Giles role as watcher & become the next vampire slayers trainer.

  10. Jenny says:

    The Chuck finale erased 5 seasons of Sarah’s character development and her memories of friendships with everyone. Nothing romantic about falling in love all over again, and losing any of her memories. Plus Casey, Ellie and Awesome were gone. It needs a resolution.

    • Christina says:

      I was pretty livid back when the finale aired. I’m glad I’m not the only one still pissed that they erased all her character development!

      • emily says:

        its not erasing character development. its temporary losing her memory, which she definitely got back. it was their way of giving a love letter to the fans with all the callbacks to the pilot. this time it was chuck to tell sarah that it was going to be okay.

    • veronica says:

      if anything, we need more chuck to get some real closure. it should be on the REVIVE THESE SHOWS list!!!! bad call tvline.

  11. Daniel&Betty4ever says:

    I completely and totally disagree about “Ugly Betty”. While the name of the show should probably change, there are still plenty of stories left to tell – plenty of gossip for Marc and Amanda to talk about – maybe even a reappearance from his horrible mother. There are still plenty of schemes or battles for Wilhelmina to get involved with (maybe even teaming up with Claire for a change), and plenty of current issues to address for multiple characters, etc.

    Not to mention what I would most like to see – a romantic relationship between Daniel & Betty. They never even showed us a kiss. We got to see a relationship with every other man in Betty’s life except Daniel, who is IMO “The One”. They could show their lives in London or back in New York. Daniel hadn’t made a decision of the career he wanted to pursue. The storyline possibilities for all of the characters are endless.

    • opheliablack says:

      Seek out MODE! Final Issue by Yahtzee.

    • Jason says:

      I feel like, instead of a full season, we could have one TV-movie that touches upon what the characters have been up to, while providing commentary on what’s going on in the real world–and how it affects Betty, the Suarezes, Wilhelmina, Alexis, and the others.

  12. Charmed would be the easiest revival — we know how it ended, but there are so many stories to be told in between! We could have years of those stories to come AND THE CERTAINTY OF A HAPPY ENDING! I say bring it on!

  13. Bwhit says:

    I agree with pretty much all of them(the ones that I watched). Dawson’s Creek had the perfect closure in the finale, everyone ended up where they should have been (sans Jen…. Why?!??!). I know people want a FNL movie but that last sequence was just perfection, Coach and Tami, Matt and Julie, the Riggins brothers and so on…. I don’t want that undone.

  14. But The West Wing SHOULD be revived :)

  15. Linda says:


  16. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Sorry, felt like Friday Night Lights could have gone on for many more years. Each week was a joy to watch. The not so good episodes were only great.

  17. Alan Dvorkis says:

    We need Deadwood closure

  18. JimmY says:

    The season 8 comics Joss Whedon did for Buffy had some intriguing stories, but honestly the actors are getting a little long int he tooth. It might be a little hard to accept David Boreanaz and James Masters as immortal vampires.

  19. Jenn says:

    For the love of all that is holy, can someone please reboot Pushing Daisies?

    • silverpetticoatreview says:

      Right? Such a wonderful show! I think so many shows became victims of the writer’s strike and were canceled after season 1 or 2, including Pushing Daisies. The Moonlight cancellation still hurts as well! Now, there’s a show that could do with a TV movie.

    • veronica says:

      yes, loved pushing daisies—so fun, so unique, so pretty to watch.

  20. April says:

    I think viewers would like Friday Night Lights, Charmed ended fine but it would by fun to see what they are up to,Lost could be revived 5 times and still no one would know what was going on, Dawson’s Creek I agree with(it ended PERFECTLY,don’t touch it!)Ugly Betty disagree. It needs to come back. I don’t want a hint that D/B ended up together. I want to KNOW.

    • kfdjfkdfmkdfkdf says:

      Speak for urself about LOST, i understood it PERFECTLY! Watched it 4 times because it’s that good!

  21. B says:

    I agree with all of the ones on this list that I watched. Every time someone asks about a Friends reunion–why? So the happy ending we got can get messed up again? No thanks. Same with Dawson’s Creek and Lost (except I loved the ending). They could only ever be reboots, not reunions.

  22. iHeart says:

    yeah I agree Ugly Betty doesn’t need a revival I was happy with the ending it got

  23. ndixit says:

    There was nothing satisfying about Chuck’s ending. Sarah was more than just Chuck’s love interest. Erasing away so many years of character development is just stupid. As for the whole romantic notion of Sarah falling back in love with Chuck, that might sound enticing but its quite heartbreaking for Chuck to have to win his wife back from scratch, especially given how close they were to wanting to start a family.

  24. Jess says:

    Umm Ugly Betty’s ending was not terrific. It was completely rushed.

  25. I want more UglyBetty I heard that if there was a season 5 it would be all about Daniel and Betty and their relationship I need a reboot if the whole cast and fans want we have a right and Need to get we deserve and I want to see more of the new Daniel

  26. datdudemurphy says:

    Oh c’mon….how about some reunion movies?
    We need more things like “The Return of The Seavers” and “The Brady Girls Get Married” and “I Still Dream of Jeanie”

  27. kajar says:

    Agree on most, but not CHUCK. Definitely need a movie or something to resolve the Sarah issue once and for all. It was NOT left in a good place, not for me anyway.

  28. parstl says:

    Two shows that I discovered late which still have life or possible off shoots:
    Nikita and Dexter.

  29. silverpetticoatreview says:

    I would be okay with Chuck, Charmed and Ugly Betty continuing depending on the idea. A couple more might be okay like Everwood if it was a one off special or something. It just all depends on whether or not there is a good script. Still, I agree, shows like Lost or Battlestar should never return because they had very clear, definitive endings. Chuck, on the other hand, didn’t give the audience the ending that was deserved. Neither did Charmed. There is still some story to round out with Prue. Ugly Betty has a beautiful ending but it could continue if done right!

  30. Shru says:

    Friday Night Lights ended perfectly. A revival or movie or reboot or whatever won’t live up to the glory. I’m glad no one is touching that flawless show.

  31. az80sguy says:

    Let’s wrap up Men In Trees! There’s a show that was cut short and needs an ending. (Or least get it available on DVD or Netflix.)

  32. Adam says:

    I agree with every show mentioned other than Chuck. I did not like that ending. I want confirmation she got her memories back. If she didn’t then everything that happened in the show was erased at least for her, which bugs me a lot.

  33. kfdjfkdfmkdfkdf says:

    This article…LOST & Charmed SHOULD return! LOST as The Next Generation (working title) – Same island, new castaways & new mysteries. While Charmed should do mini-series after the events of S8 (before that flash-forward) & finally bring back Prue. Shannen, Alyssa, Holly & Rose all agreed for a reunion.

  34. kfdjfkdfmkdfkdf says:

    Charmed had an atrocious ending only because Prue wasn’t in it, it’s unforgivable!!! LOST had a perfect one, 10/10! Shannen Doherty & Brad Kern are the only two persons to blame for Prue’s abssence. Why did they even bothered filming a segment with a pictures of Halliwells on the wall if they weren’t able to put Prue on one of them?! They should’ve scrapped that scene because they made it feel like Prue never existed.

  35. MattySi. says:

    I don’t see One Tree Hill on this list so lets go ahead and make this happen. I have a great idea that brings Sawyer back to Tree Hill. Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton don’t even have to star if they don’t want to. Special appearances are needed though. If they don’t do the show then it should be a no go.

  36. Marco says:

    Charmed could do with a reboot. Its final half was absolutely dire, so it isn’t like anyone could do worse.

  37. AMG says:

    For the shows on the list, I have to agree with you. They had long runs, and their story arcs should be left untouched.

    As for the statement “For every Veronica Mars movie and every Gilmore Girls revival, there are dozens of other shows whose names inevitably come up after the words, “Bring back… !”, may I say that Forever SHOULD be brought back for Season 2 and beyond. There are so many storylines that were just introduced in Season 1, and we don’t even know all the ways the storylines will interact with each other and how they all will be resolved. (Yes, this is even with 2 Twitter Q and As, which only revealed a limited amount of information!)

  38. CaptMediocre says:

    “Part of what makes storytelling such a satisfying art form is that it has a beginning, middle and end,” ….

    There was NO “end” to Chuck.

  39. emily says:

    “we have no desire to go back there” re: lost. um, speak for yourself. i would be the happiest girl in the world to see more of this epic show.

  40. kmw says:

    i have to say I agree with all of these. Also the trend towards remaking tv and movies from the past is so tiresome it would be nice if network execs could find more original stuff instead of treading on the past

  41. keniri says:

    Battlestar Galactica absolutely should be rebooted. Instead of a science fiction series, we got a series that focused too much on politics and religion, two topics that always gets banned from message forums. Now that there is still a Battlestar Galactica movie franchise being planned, they need to stay away from attaching it to the SyFy series. They need to find a balance between the original series and the SyFy series and stay away from politics or religion themes.

  42. flutiefan says:

    can’t disagree with a single one

  43. veronica says:

    Dear Team TVLine…A Chuck revival needs to happen ASAP—really in any format (movie, miniseries, full season, netfilx, hulu, amazon) we’ll take anything. So long as Sarah and Chuck are together fighting crimes and they do a flashback where all her memories came back, it ended too soon and too unsettled for a large majority of the fanbase.

  44. metro muduku says:

    at least 8 of these gone get reboots by 2020

  45. Mark says:

    Going to have to disagree with you on Chuck. After all those great endings (2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4), we deserved better than the open ended bit. I want to revisit the characters to get a real ending, including Sarah with her memories back.

  46. f3lilbit says:

    I would love to see Dawson’s Creek come back, maybe they could change the name to something like “The Capeside 2001 Class Reunion”. I wasn’t too happy with the ending. I think Joey should have ended up with Dawson or Eddie and Pacey should have ended up with Andie. For some reason everyone tends to think that Joey was the person that made a big difference in Pacey’s life, when in fact it was Andie who believed in him first, she is who inspired Pacey. I think if the original producers put their minds to it they could come up with something magnificent and just as good as the original show.