Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Naked With Corden During Carpool Karaoke

Late-night’s biggest fanboy James Corden regularly loses his you-know-what during Carpool Karaoke, but he’s never actually lost his shirt. Until now.

On Monday’s Late Late Show, the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined Corden in crooning such tracks as “Can’t Stop,” “Give It Away,” “Californication” and “Under the Bridge.” The sing-along, which was interrupted for conversations about the rock and roll lifestyle, prosthetic leg battles, and Cher, took an unexpected turn midway through when Corden challenged Anthony Kiedis to a “man wrestle.” (Needless to say, it was probably a mistake.) Later, the frontman initiated a shirtless performance of “The Zephyr Song.”

Watch the extensive musical ride above, then drop a note below with an answer to the following question: Where does RHCP’s Karaoke session rank for you among Corden’s various Carpools?