Anderson Cooper Holds Back Tears While Reading Orlando Victims' Names

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was visibly affected Monday night while reading the names of victims of Sunday’s shooting in Orlando, Fla.

“They’re more than a list of names. They were people who loved, and were loved. They were people who had families and friends and dreams,” he said, broadcasting live from near Pulse, a gay nightclub where a gunman killed 49 people and wounded many more. “And the truth is, we don’t know much about some of them. We want you to hear their names and a little bit about who they were.”

The anchor, who was clearly affected by the stories of those who had lost their lives, started to falter while relating details about Edward Sotomayor Jr., a 34-year-old travel agent and the first on the list of victims Cooper read.

When CNN did not have a photo or biographical information on a victim, Cooper simply said the person’s name and age.

“We think it’s important that you hear their names,” he said, crying.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the emotional tribute.

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