Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Wishes

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Wishes: A Wedding for Alex and Jo, New Loves for Arizona and Maggie, and More

In the Season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona might just have had the best idea ever: “Let’s all be happy.”

She only meant that she and her ex-wife, Callie, should toss out their custody arrangement and do whatever it takes to put a smile back on not only both of their faces but daughter Sofia’s, too. However, it was such a good suggestion that we can’t help but hope that some other characters take it, too.

Certainly, Alex is past due for a break. (The only time you should keep your non-fiancé in the dark, Jo, is during sexytime. And, if he looks like Karev, not even then.) After being dumped by Andrew, Maggie could use a pick-me-up. (Since Nathan has heartache written all over his face — not to mention Meredith’s lipstick on his collar — it obviously ain’t gonna be him.) And doesn’t Arizona deserve a nice, new girlfriend as a reward for getting past her hurt feelings to accommodate Callie’s move to New York? (Rhetorical question: She does.)

So click below, why don’t you, to check out our wish list of cheer-up plot twists for Season 13, then hit the comments with your ideas for Grey Sloan’s embattled doctors.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AD says:

    YES to Japril reuniting. So glad they were getting along & them with their baby was just precious. Hopefully, season 13 slowly builds towards a reunion.
    & I also want to see Mer/Nathan develop.

  2. Mara says:

    Alex deserves much better than Jo. Can we please get him a real honest to goodness woman who appreciates him and is not immature or crazy?

    • D says:

      I don’t know which show you are watching but Jo is neither crazy noe immature. She went through hell and she overcame all of it. An kmmature person would’ve involved Alex in her mess and would’ve made him seek out her dangerous husband and endanger him. Also I’ve never seen anyone appreciate and love Alex more than she does. She stood by him even when his friends didn’t, so did you literally pay no attention at all or what?

      • NM says:

        Jo’s immaturity stems from her lack of communication and emotional honesty with Alex. A man she lives with and has been dating for almost four years. Yes, she went through hell with her ex-husband. However, she changed her name, hid a gun and opened up to an intern she’d known for a couple of hours after having one too many. Furthermore, she denied the man she loves of a proposal, not once, but twice! And then she has the audacity to say they can make a baby? Forgive if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Alex getting an ear full by withholding information about fertilised eggs he stored away from his cancerous wife? Oh right, it’s not a double standard in Jo’s eyes when it comes to withholding past relationship. She assumed the worst of Alex here thinking he’d go after her ex, when Alex wouldn’t ruin his life for that. If anything, the writers were stupid to have him attack Andrew, because that’s not a reaction you’d get from this Alex that has really matured these last couple of seasons.

        • Jess says:

          Look, she didn’t tell Alex because what did he say when the incident with Jason happened? “If you hadn’t gotten to him first I probably would’ve killed the guy”. They weren’t dating back then so do you expect her to tell him “oh by the way I have an abusive husband”? Don’t get me started on Alex’s sudden maturity that happened within one episode (11×01) , it was never credible in the first place for him to mature so much overnight. And Jo never turned Alex down, she always told him “not yet” until 12×23 when she said no. She told Deluca she couldn’t keep saying nothing anymore because he wouldn’t stop asking. She doesn’t know what to do and she’s scared. If you have no sympathy for someone in her situation at all I don’t think there’s need to discuss. And about the embryos, I feel like viewers generally got the wrong idea there. Jo didn’t give Alex an earful because he didn’t tell her about them, she asked him if he wants kids with her and when he said “I don’t know” she gave him an earful because she wanted to know if she’s not important enough to him for him to take that step with her. I don’t think the issue was too hard to understand so I don’t know why people keep twisting that around now. And I think just as much as Alex has now reason to be upset that Jo won’t marry him after 4 years together she was allowed to be upset that he wanted kids with Izzie but apparently not with her. Right? And I also don’t blame her for suggesting a baby now. She saw that she was losing Alex, she still couldn’t tell him about her husband, so she wanted to show him that she’s all in and that her saying no has nothing to do with her not loving him enough. And the Alex I know can mature as much as he wants to, he still has anger issues and he loves Jo more than anything so I wasn’t surprised about his reaction at all. He beat up Shane in s10, and the writers can pretend he’s grown up now all of a sudden, we never saw him work on his anger issues or why he matured so much, so why should we believe that he wouldn’t beat Deluca up? Just in 12×16 he came to Meredith’s saying he will kill Thorpe if he hurt her. Alex has always been like that, his bad temper never went away completely.

        • Lauren says:

          I completely agree with Jess and find it unfair to judge Jo so badly when no other woman is being judged so much for their behavior. And Jo didn’t do what she did out of selfishness and she also never left any doubts that she loves Alex with all her heart and I think that’s what should count. Why is every other woman allowed to make mistakes but Jo has to do everything right and when she doesn’t she gets bashed like crazy? Someone in the relationship always has to do something wrong, otherwise there will be no drama and the show doesn’t work without drama. When Alex neglected Jo to the point he was not even listening when she was saying something earlier this season nobody was saying she deserves better than Alex. There is an incredible double standard here just because Alex has been there from the start and Jo only came in in season 9.

    • Kate says:

      SMH Jo is neither of the things you mentioned. I remember so many moments where she was the more mature one in her relationship with Alex, thinking rationally while he acted impulsively. And crazy looks different to me, Jo is definitely not crazy. And the only thing she wasn’t honest about was her marriage and the name change that came along with fleeing it, but she didn’t tell Alex because she wanted to protect him from seeking out that dangerous husband. Jo ALWAYS tries her best to make Alex happy, is not as self-centered as any of the other women and she’s not selfish like them either, yet she gets more hate than anyone else. I seriously don’t get it.

    • Fido says:

      Sure, have him settle down after serving his jail time. :)

  3. Bryce says:

    I can’t express how desperately I need something good to happen to Arizona romantically this season. I want it so bad! Right now I can’t even tell where she stands in life whatsoever, and she’s so great when she’s happy

  4. Bigdede says:

    We need more Thorpe but not with Maggie. Get him working at the hospital and with Stephanie. I agree Meredith and Nathan needs to be a slow burn but he has to get out of Owen’s orbit. It got tiresome hearing Owen blame him for everything. I don’t care anything about Owen and his marriage to the constant victim. I’m not interested in Jo and Alex because we saw Jo put a beating on that one guy doctor so I just don’t buy her this scared. I need Alex to move on or have a temporary affair with Maggie. No to April and Jackson. Just no!!!! Now I would love for Catherine to get cancer and Richard sticks by her and April is there for Jackson. Bring back the chick Arizona cheated on Calie with. They had chemistry

    • Erin says:

      Jo beat the guy because he grabbed her violently and she was triggered, thinking he will hit her like her husband hit her. Besides, her husband sounds like someone with a lot of power who is not only physically dangerous, so are you seriously saying she wouldn’t be scared of him? Do you know women who experienced domestic abuse? What is it with the people commenting here who show absolutely zero sympathy for a woman who got dealt a horrible hand in life because of the mistakes her mother made? It was not her fault she got abandoned as a baby but she turned her life around and tried to make the best out of these horrible situations.

      • Bigdede says:

        Reread my comment. I didn’t say she would not be scared of the guy. I don’t think she’ll be so scared of the situation that she wouldn’t tell Alex. She told Alex about what happened with that guy and her background. No reason to keep this a secret especially since she changed her name

    • Ellen says:

      New love for Arizona? Yes, please! Lauren? HELL NO!! Why would you want Arizona to be with a home wrecker? Lauren knew that Arizona was married, and she still went after her. That’s disgusting IMO. Besides, I strongly doubt that Arizona would want anything to do with her at all. Arizona haters would hate her even more, and I don’t want that. Chemistry doesn’t weigh up for everything else.

      • Olivia says:

        Arizona haters don’t need a reason to hate Arizona besides Arizona existing anyway. That being said, I’d be ok with the fire fighter coming back or a new woman. Hell I’d be ok with Lauren who at least wanted her enough to pursue her. Any woman that is not Callie is an upgrade in my book. Geez even freakin Penny was not as selfish and self-centered as they have written her for the past seasons. Which is a shame because Callie used to be cool and Sara Ramirez is a terrific actress.

  5. Sara says:

    My wish is to see Meredith happy. And for Meredith/Nathan, I loved their banter and scenes in the last episodes, and can’t wait to see how they will go from there, even with the Maggie confession.

  6. Tia says:

    ”We’d like to see them continue to make sparks fly as they fight a losing battle with their growing feelings” I so agree with the Mer/Riggs part :) The storyline I am looking forward for, hopefully the Maggie drama will not take too long, so the focus will be on these two and their awesome banter and sparks.

  7. Gina says:

    I want a Japril reunion so bad!!!! They are my fave couple hands down. Or at least we’re anyways. :( I had a little bit of hope during the finale when it showed he does still care about her a lot. I don’t even care about Alex and jo. Although that would be cool too I suppose. :)

  8. Jess says:

    Alex and Jo are meant for each other, and they love each other like crazy. With Cristina leaving and Meredith also losing Derek the writers spent too much time showing Alex’s friendships instead of his romantic relationship, which is the reason I think the wedding last season went to Owen and Amelia. The writers realized that nobody will care if Jolex get married now because they ignored them for so long, and they wanted to give them a real storyline before giving them their happy ending. This storyline also allows more insight into Jo as a character which I think is desperately needed because reading some of these comments disgusts me. I too experienced domestic abuse and I completely understand Jo and why she couldn’t tell Alex about it. Doesn’t mean she’s suddenly all wrong for him when she spent most of her time on this show supporting him whenever he needed someone. He will probably be hurt first for having been lied to but he’ll realize why she couldn’t tell him, he’ll make the connection between what she went through and what he had to watch his mother go through and he’ll love Jo even more for being such a strong woman.

    • Leo Wyatt says:

      There is only person that is meant to be with Alex and that’s Izzie ! No matter what Shonda says or does there has never been a more emotional love story on this show and the fact that a huge number of fans want Izzie back and the majority of the fandom wants Jo off the show clearly show that Jolex isn’t working

      • Jess says:

        Jolex got ignored completely since s11 so I’m not surprised that people think they’re not working. As for Izzie, she’s long gone, she won’t come back and there’s no need to bring her up under my comment now. Alex loved her like crazy, she kept hallucinating Denny and when she finally let go of him she left Alex, so I don’t think it’s been that great of a love story anyway. The cancer was an intense and great storyline and seeing Alex be scared out of his mind to lose the woman he loves was great to see too, but the writers always failed to make it clear how much Izzie loved Alex, and I as an Alex fan thimk he always deserved better than to be her second choice after Denny died.

        • Leo Wyatt says:

          So are you telling me that you would still be in a relationship with the guy that got you fired ? Her behavior was completely justified, and then when she came back Alex flat out rejected her and we were supposed to believe he was right while Izzie clearly made the right call

          • Anna says:

            BS! Alex didn’t “get her fired”. She came back to work too early while recovering from brain surgery and a coma. Her husband was making sure that she did super basic human survival stuff like eating food and taking her medication since she freaking died in his arms like a month earlier. Even though she made it through the day in the end, she was barely able to stand in surgery at one point. He was doing what a spouse should do – look out for the health and well-being of his wife. And what does he get in return? Abandonment? Please. That was pathetic. I liked Izzie before, but holy crap, that was insanely pathetic. And horrible.
            And then she came back after abandoning him and really didn’t even empathize for what she put him through. His wife went from dying in his arms to up and leaving him without a single goodbye within a matter of months. He deserved better for that, and Izzie sucks super hard for not realizing what an awful thing she did to him.

      • Red says:

        Jess is right, Alex and Jo got ignored too much ever since Cristina left and Alex became Meredith’s person because the show focused on establishing that. They have a lot of potential as a couple due to their pasts, the biggest problem has been that the writers never dove into that too much because they needed Alex as the supportive friend for everyone. This new storyline will give them the focus they need as a couple and I think people can judge better whether a couple works or not once that couple gets a storyline. And while people are allowed to always love Alex and Izzie, that ship has sunk six years ago, 8 years on the show, and Shonda made it clear that Izzie isn’t coming back. Even if she did for one or two episodes, she’s probably long married by now and got her happy ending. She and Alex moved on from each other and I personally think that even if Izzie wanted him back now he wouldn’t throw away what he has with Jo for it. That would be terrible regression for Alex. But really, Izzie is not a factor on the show anymore. Fans may still want her back, I personally think Cristina has always been a more valuable character and if anyone I miss her terribly, but that doesn’t mean she will come back so whether or not Jolex work / work out, Izzie doesn’t have anything to do with that anymore.

        • Leo Wyatt says:

          I hate to sound like a delusional shipper but honestly Alex was just wondering if Izzie is the love of his life one episode ago and you think he’s moved on? I get that Shonda hates Izzie but by the way Alex is written it’s pretty obvious that there is still some part of him that wants her

          • Jamie says:

            Nah, Alex moved on from Izzie years ago. He’s just confused about Jo since she keeps turning him down, and now he’s wondering if the only true love he’ll ever have was his ex. Alex don’t love Izzie like that anymore, and you know it.

  9. Kai says:

    The storylines I am interested in is: Meredith/Nathan – chemistry and that awesome banter & look at the end of the finale have me so excited for season 13, and Arizona finding love. They are both my favorite characters and deserves to be happy. Calzona’s so over have been for years and I hope Callie never comes back, it’s like the door is closed for them, any reunion will be so forced and for sure Arizona deserves much better.

  10. EM says:

    Agree with everything on your wish list. Mostly I just want Alex and Meredith to be happy.

  11. Aunt Mary says:

    I wish season 13 will be it’s last. End it before it really becomes unrecognizable.

  12. Fido says:

    A jolex wedding ?! After he revealed himself to be a violent thug ?! Hell no. No no no and no. Alex in jail is what I want to see, but I fear his assault will be swept under the disinfected rug.

    • guest says:

      Alex has always beat up people, in season 10 he beat the hell out of Shane. It’s nothing new.

      • Fido says:

        All DeLuca was trying to do was be a good guy and got beat down for it. Was the Shane situation like that ?

        • Fido says:

          Also, DeLuca is a Greys employee so there has to be some consequence.

        • Jamie says:

          But Alex didn’t know that – he thought DeLuca was trying to take advantage of Jo. I’m not excusing his actions, but it’s like the Shane situation in that when Alex “sees red”, he has always responding with punch first, ask questions later. Calling him a violent thug is reductive – especially given what we know about his past/childhood.

  13. anon says:

    How this fandom treats Jo makes me really sad. Put yourself in her position for once and think about if you can understand her actions then. I guess because most people weren’t abandoned by their parents as babies or didn’t have to live in their car or got sexually and physically abused they can’t relate to her, but that doesn’t change the fact that she went through hell, had to raise herself, never experienced much love (not even the kind of love you get from your parents) and that she still has so much love in her heart for Alex. I don’t know how someone who got so little love can give back so much of it, but she managed to do so and Alex finally got the love interest he wanted all these years, someone who loves him more than anything, accepts him with all his flaws without wanting to change him because she’s flawed herself, and who wants to settle down and start a family with him, but just can’t because she made the mistake of marrying a dangerous scumbag she can’t divorce. She may have not done the right thing 100% of the time but who does? Everyone on the show makes mistakes and nobody gets so much hate like Jo.

  14. Shaun says:

    It’s far past due that Cristina shows up for an episode or two.

  15. flowerduh says:

    I hope the writers don’t split up Bailey and Ben. I think Ben is the perfect person for Bailey because he calms her. And trust me she needs to be calm and focused when dealing with everyone else’s drama. He’s also the only one who’snot afraid of Bailey and he’s not a pushover for her either.

    Please DO NOT put Jackson and April together!I! I would like them to be with different people! They keep hurting each other and I am tired if seeing that. Both of them need a break from so much heartache. Besides, April needs to experience other men and mature a little bit before she settles down again. Jackson needs to finally have a woman who wants what he wants.

    NEVER EVER PUT MEREDITH AND ALEX TOGETHER. THAT IS JUST GROSS! He’s the only person in their intern class that she hasn’t slept with. And he calls her on her crap. She needs that. And he needs Meredith to help him with his upcoming emotional crisis with Jo. He’s going to need somebody logical to listen to without sex involved.

    • flowerduh says:

      Oh yeah! Can we please get Maggie hooked up with somebody that she actually has a chance with?! Girl needs to know what romance i and heartache like so that she can finally grow up.

    • AD says:

      Im always so confused about the “wants what he wants” thing people tend to bring up reg Japril. Jackson & April have never wanted different things. That wasn’t their issue, ever. Sure they might have a different approach regarding things from time to time but its not some fundamental difference the way Cristina/Owen or even Mark/Lexie had.

      • flowerduh says:

        Jackson wants somebody who is there for him. It always seemed like he was taking care of April through some tough stuff. But when it came to his emotional well being she is selfish. She wants what she wants and she wants it now. When April served him with custody papers he could’ve been a total jerk and made her life a living hell. Instead he was the more rational person and they had a discussion .

        Yeah, he totally deserves somebody better.

        • AD says:

          That doesn’t show that they “want different things”, just they dealt with tragedy differently. She made a choice to save herself because he couldn’t’ help her. Does that make her selfish? maybe but wouldn’t Jackson expecting April to forego her own healing for his be selfish on his part too? No one was wrong, I just don’t think there was another way. AND she never served him custody papers. She filed a restraining order because she was scared that the *millionaire* Averys were gonna try to take the baby away from her which Catherine did want to do after acting like she understood April. He wasn’t a total jerk because he IS a good person & on some level knew that. It’s very easy to pile on April & maybe they dont get back together but that doesn’t change the fact that it was painful circumstances that tore them apart & not their alleged differences.

  16. Ella says:

    Yes to Japril, NO to Jolex. Alex deserves better.

  17. Bark Star says:

    Wish no. 1. A good, dignified and engaging series finale.

  18. OHgirl says:

    I hope that Jo tells Alex, they search, finally locate her abusive ex and find out that he’s dead already, clearing the path for them to be together. Do NOT want another Kalinda & the crazy ex situation. Hoping Shonda learned from TGW example.

  19. Lisa McConnell says:

    Since Sash Alexander Rizzoli and Isles series is over and she and Jessica are already good friends, I think she would be a great addition to Arizona’s love life. I am sure they would have great chemistry

  20. Jill Kent says:

    First of all its friggin curse not frakkin curse and yeah Arizona needs a new girlfriend and Jo is an idiot!