Jill Farren Phelps Fired by Y&R

Jill Farren Phelps Replaced at Helm of The Young and the Restless

The latest recast at The Young and the Restless won’t have to be explained away by post-car-crash plastic surgery — it’s taken place behind the scenes. Jill Farren Phelps has been replaced as executive producer by EastEnders alum Mal Young, TVLine has confirmed.

“On behalf of everyone at the show, we extend our sincere thanks to Jill for her years at Y&R and wish her continued success,” reads the official statement from Steve Kent, senior executive vice president, U.S. programming for Sony Pictures Television, which produces the CBS sudser.

A veteran of Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, Another World, One Life to Live and General Hospital, Phelps — a nine-time Daytime Emmy winner (for Y&R, General Hospital and Santa Barbara) — had been at the helm of Y&R since 2012. During her tenure, she won an additional Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Special for the top-rated soap’s stand-alone tribute to the late Jeanne Cooper, who had played Genoa City’s grand dame Katherine for four decades before passing away in 2013.

As the BBC’s controller of continuing drama series from 1997-2004, Young oversaw not only EastEnders but Doctor Who, Casualty and Doctors (which he co-created). He was brought in by Y&R as a supervising producer in January of this year.

Charles Pratt Jr., who’d EP’d Y&R alongside Phelps since early 2015, is expected to continue on in that role as well as remain headwriter. The news of Phelps’ ouster was first reported by Soap Central.

What do you think, Y&R fans? Will the show get better with Young at the helm?

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  1. Impressive — they are smart to look into getting someone from a UK Soap. the soaps there are all still doing very very well. Eastenders is a juggernaut and perhaps they will put a little more humanity into the soaps here in the USA.

    • Michael Littlefield says:

      Jill recruited a handful of the people currently on that soap though. People who wanted to work specifically with her. I wonder if they’ll jump ship to be loyal to her.

  2. alistaircrane says:

    Good. I stopped watching when she fired Tricia Cast.

  3. Barbara says:

    The issue with the US soaps is that even though these people were rotten they pop up on another soap, ruin it, then return to a show they damaged previously. Case in point, Dena H (Days).

    Nice to see fresh blood for a change. Maybe Y&R will be watchable again. Removed it off the DVR weeks ago due to the lousy storylines.

    • Cailee says:

      This is true. It’s an incestuous little world. JFP has caused SO MUCH DAMAGE – and despite this i have no doubt she’ll turn up like a bad penny at yet another soap…

    • Martin says:

      I don’t know how Dena Higley ever became a writer. The period she served as head writer of “One Life to Live” was SO BAD. On the other hand, when Phelps EP’s a show it usually gets tons of Emmy nods. It’s strange that she is so despised by so many viewers, no matter what show she happens to be working on.

      I thought she did some good things with “Santa Barbara”, “Guiding Light” and “One life…”.

    • Suzi D says:

      I’ve been a faithful Y&R viewer since the beginning. I have been losing interest lately due to silly storylines. Acting is good. I will give it another chance.

    • D Marie says:

      I removed from mine too. Boring

  4. Eric7740 says:

    Hopefully this will help Y&R, I use to love Y&R but I haven’t watched an episode in months, almost a year, ever since Pratt took over the writing duties. I knew what he did to AMC and he’s doing it to Y&R. Please replace him as head writer, because right now Y&R is truly unwatchable!!!

    • ARL CARLSON says:

      I agree. The Victor story line is so boring. The man continues to make trouble for everybody even when he’s in jail. I get so sick of it. It is unimaginable where all these ideas come from to keep Victor in control, making everybody’s lives so miserable. Can’t anybody be happy on there? 6/9/16 The control was just taken from Victor by putting him in solitare, and “Don’t punch a hole in the wall to get a visit to the infirmary.” Privileges are done there, too…No more visitors. Smart man…How can somebody with evidence that would help Adam prove his innocence suddenly die? Crazy!!

      • brkastle says:

        that’s why it’s a soap, that’s stuff never really happens. I love to see what they can come up with next.

  5. Mia says:

    yes!!!!! So happy about this! Now just get rid of Charkes Pratt & let’s get back to a great y&r…it has been ruined these past few years

  6. Kevin K says:

    Not so sure if the latest showrunner change is going to help Y&R moving forward even though the entire CBS Daytime line-up continues to dominate for 29 straight years and closing in on 30.

  7. Robert T. says:

    Once again, here comes the merry-go-around with headwriters & executive producers regarding today’s soaps.
    Nothing like adding “fresh blood” at the helm. Time and again, when a headwriter or EP is shown the door, yet another mindless hack—-who’s made the rounds numerous times previously on other soaps—takes over.

  8. EJ says:

    It would be great if Young could bring over UK soap writer Daran Little, who’s written for both EastEnders and Coronation Street and who really should have taken over for Pratt on AMC when he was briefly working on it as a writer/storyline consultant.

  9. Mary Ellen Chance says:

    Pratt has to go too-the writing and storylines are horribly dull, reperitive and boring.

  10. Erin B says:

    Yes! Now get rid of Pratt too please.

  11. Ann says:

    She did so much damage to this soap. I stopped watching within 6 months of her being added to the staff.

  12. scyren says:

    Is it going to help? CP is the one doing much of the writing and doesn’t care what the fans think. He’s a huge part of what is wrong with the writing for the show.

  13. Fay Kelley says:

    As long as the new writer writes out Victor Newman, I’ll be fine !

    • Anna says:

      He is honestly an awful villain, but also too awful of a person for an audience to understand why anyone loves him. I don’t get why they keep his character around – it makes no sense on so many levels.

      • donholley77 says:

        Pratt has ruined Victor! 1 of my all time favorite male characters on Daytime! Hope the new regime can find a way to salvage him!

        • MsG says:

          Victor has always been one of my favorites from the beginning but Pratt has totally made him into a different person, however going forward they could discover(and probably will) that he’s suffering from a long time undetected personality altering brain tumor that caused him to act as he has. Surgery will be needed .

          • donholley77 says:

            I’ve been hoping for the same scenario! Victor does have a history of epilepsy & head trauma!

          • Erin B says:

            I thought they would do that too, but Max got the brain tumor, not Victor. Then again, Pratt seems to know how to copy story lines so maybe Victor will get one to.

    • No, you need a semi likable villain. Victor is perfect he can piss off everyone.

    • S.Shea says:

      Yes, Fay Kelley! I am so with you–Victor needs to go.

    • Toni Fitzpatrick says:

      Yes he is an awful actor. Dump him.

  14. ljd213 says:

    JFP is poison, she ruined “Guiding Light” years ago and to my mind it never recovered. It’ll be interesting to see what someone from outside the U.S. can do,

  15. Patricia says:

    It has got to get better. Please get rid of Devon and Hillary and all the other disgusting ones like Billy and Phyllis and lets forget Adam. Please get some real story lines.

    • Dale Levene says:

      I hope you are talking about the writing for these characters.. We don’t need to get rid of characters just because peopledon’t like the storylines. As management changes, hopefully the writing will improve for all of the actors and we will see some new and original writing.

  16. Pat says:

    It won’t hurt the show. It has sucked for quite a while now. I will never good as it was when Bill did the writing.

  17. Jill Farren Phelps replaced. Wise decision.

  18. Jean says:

    Smart move to get rid of her. Now replace Charles Pratt and the rest of the writing team. They having been ruining The Young and The Restless. Fans are fed up. You are losing loyal fans and will lose even more unless something is done about the writing.

  19. Yen says:

    With her leaving take Pratt, Hillary, Phyllis and Billy with her.

  20. CHERYL says:


  21. BILLY FRENCH says:

    They ask if show will improve or get worse without JFP, let us just put it this way, it could not get much worse.

  22. first says:

    I have no idea whether Young will be good for The Young and the Restless or not, but I will say that in my opinion, the storylines of the show sure got a lot worse when Phelps took the helm. I sure hope this is a good move for Y&R. I’ve watched soaps all my life and Y&R is the only one left that I watch so I hope it keeps going for a long time to come.

  23. Kathleen Sempek says:

    Something needs to happen there. The writing is terrible. The actors are great and almost make the ridiculous story lines plausible, but I’m about ready to quit watching.

    • Bring Victor back to GC asap! Find a judge to throw out all the charges and get him back!! Please! Get rid of Dillon – he never had any police training and now he’s a detective? With “sources”? And he seems to know more than Paul. Hilary needs to go, she’s not at all interesting.

      • Cynthia Smith says:

        He will sitting in Paul’s chair at the police department
        soon. He’s already doing Paul’s job!!

  24. pat dillon says:

    That is great news! I pray the new show runner will change things up, and make them less boring, that horrible story lines will be killed, and marginal actors will be eliminated. Recent story lines seem to be repeating themselves. I have not been a regular view, as I had been since the beginning when five of the best actors left or were fired, and their replacements were brought in from shows she used to run. I have always believed that Y & R had a special something surrounding it and Phelps just stomped all over and ruined the show. My two cents.

  25. Sue Johnson says:

    Never really liked her after what she did to AMC. But to be honest, I stopped watching the show after Michael Muhney and Billy Miller left last year. The story lines stink even with the recasts. This show has become unwatchable.

  26. jamie doriguzzi says:

    I have watched Y&R since it’s start ( I was about 13) & by fluke a friend who fell in love with the show with me. We kept it going over the years & I always bragged that it was the best & different from the format & style of all the others. well that changed after bill bell passed away & the show is your typical crap most of the others are. I can’t believe that as a faithful fan for 40 years (watching the brook sisters & the newspaper dad then the foster family with the original jill watching over catherine) I have lost all hope for this show & the story-lines. if you ever want the average viewer opinion & ideas come see me & get your ratings back to the level of bill bell viewers. I am sick of being disappointed when I watch at this point so I might catch an episode once or twice a month but bye-bye Y&R, miss the good old days!!!!

    • judy says:

      long time viewer. so disgusted with the same story line or close to it played over and over. i was very upset delia was killed , burned when michael and billy left. why did they kill off sage. i knew Y&R would go down the tubes with new writers and JFP. i guess the daytime emmys was a wake up call. looking forward to new storylines.

    • Cynthia Smith says:

      Amen. Nothing like the great stories under Bill Bell.

  27. Anita says:

    Just please don’t come back to GH! I’m liking it after she left. Sorry that “Patrick” chose to leave to work with her. I can’t see him on Y&R.

  28. Bonnie says:

    Only time will tell. Doctor Who did not do to well and those other programs did not faiir all that well either. You know instead of burying Catherine off since her death they should had someone else to continue that character part. Every time a well loved actor or actress die and you do not bring someone else in to continue on you will wine up not having a show. In true fashion the show must go on not sentimental hold ups.

  29. suzy105 says:

    I think it’s about time they replaced her. Maybe we will start seeing more interesting story lines.

  30. jessie thomas says:

    Y&R needs a reboot and some fresh writing for the storyline. I have been frustrated for the past few years in the way this soap is progressing and with the caliber of many of their actors (very poor). Maybe this will give this soap new life. I am a lifelong viewer since it started but I am not a fan of the last three years. I have lost interest and I don’t look forward to each days viewing. I hope it improves soon.

  31. CG says:

    There was a blind item on Daytime Confidental recently saying a Showrunner was about to fired. My guess was Phelps and glad I was right. The next showrunner that needs go is Brad Bell. B&B is not as good as it used to be, reycyling the same story lines, etc.

  32. I used to watch Eastenders on BBC America until Neilson ratings said not enough viewers
    watch it on DirectV or other providers. Which I think was a bunch of baloney since there is
    so many Brits, etc living in America. Hope some of the intrigue will be injected into the
    Young and Restless by this change of producers.

  33. Manny says:

    She needed to go, she fired billy miller! About time!!!

  34. Sue Cugini says:

    I don’t know if she was responsible for hiring the current writers, but someone has to get rid of these hacks. The storylines are unimaginative, stupid and overly drawn out. I don’t have the same enthusiasm for the Y&R that I once did. However, despite the fact that viewers have complained endlessly about the ridiculous and never ending storylines, the executive staff and writers on this soap just don’t seem to care what the viewers want. This guy Pratt apparently is going to remain the head writer — well, that means the Y&R will continue to remain in the crapper.

  35. Nancy says:

    Good maybe some of these storylines will come to a end.Hillary needs to go!!!!!!! The baby Sully too!! I hate that Dylan will get hurt!!!

  36. donholley77 says:

    Unless Pratt goes too, I feel nothing will really change!

  37. Autumdew says:

    Well there goes all the peeps GH, lost to them. I wouldn’t mind Patrick and Robin, but not Steve Burton or have him come back as different character then hook up with Liz. That would be fabulous.

  38. swflorida1106 says:

    Stop showing Victoria Newman in a state of undress..She is skin and bones,with bones protruding…OMG,stop it…

  39. BigDawg says:


  40. dee thibodeaux says:

    So very glad she is gone. Have watched since the beginning and now do not watch at all same old boring stuff. Get some new people to make it interesting again

  41. Jane McVey says:

    Thank goodness they fired her, she has been horrible for this show and it has no where to go but up from her!!!!

  42. Patricia says:

    I hope for improvement at Y and R. The show has become so awful that I barely watch. I hope we have someone more realistic and creative who knows the true characteristics of the actors roles.

  43. Dee says:

    Yes. I could write better storylines. It’s become boring to the point I’d rather watch anything else. I’ve been a fan for more than 30 yrs. Plot lines no longer make sense and the last straw was Passkey…why kill off a character that could have continued a great storyline?

  44. kristin johnson says:

    A long overdue firing–she has just about ruined the soap I have been watching close to 35 years. Good bye and do not let the door hit you. WOW, am so delighted that JFP is gone!!!!!!!!

    • donholley77 says:

      Do you also realize the Bell family OWNS B&B?! Brad Bell isn’t your typical “showrunner”! He’s the forerunner of a family legacy! Do you realize CBS & The Bells have been together for over 40 years! I’m sorry you feel the way you feel, but the Bells aren’t going anywhere!

  45. mIsty says:

    I hope it improves. I love Y & R and B & B.

  46. Moana Davis says:

    Maybe someone on the staff could finally give that pea brain Summer a half an ounce of sense, along with the idiot Dr. Meredith. No one can be THAT stupid. And, by the way, I absolutely love Dr. Simon Neville. Let’s see a lot more of him.

  47. Moana Davis says:

    Maybe now someone can give Summer a half a pea brain since she has none now. Add Dr. Meredith to that list also. They make these women look altogether too too stupid. By the way, I absolutely love Dr. Simon Neville. Please show more of him.

  48. Pratt got the boot too, and they have a new head writer. JFP & Chucky are done.

  49. matty says:

    If she comes back to GH I might just cry.