The Bachelorette's 15 Chad-iest Moments — 'Meat Plates,' Bloody Knuckles, Hitler References and More!

bachelorette chad daniel

“I’m gonna cut everyone here’s legs off and arms off, and then there’s gonna be torsos. And then I’m gonna throw them in the pool. And I’m gonna f–k up this entire damn thing.”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the strategy being employed by the current villain of I’m The Bachelorette: Get Me Outta Here, a verrrry muscular fella named Chad.

This week’s installment found our heroine Jojo dressing down the cocky real estate agent with the hair-trigger temper for being disrespectful during a group date — but most likely thanks to producer intervention, she didn’t send him home. Nor did said producers after Chad threatened to kill house rival Evan.

Check out the gallery below for the episode’s 10 Chad-iest moments — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments and tell us how much longer you think Chad’s reign of awfulness will last!

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